Frequently Ask Questions

posted by Frodo at 2/07/2006

Grappling is a martial art including wrestling, judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, shooto and others. Most matches involve takedowns and ground control, and they end when someone submits or taps out.

Does the Panther Grappling Club cost anything?
No, the Panther Grappling Club is open free of charge to all members of the Pitt community.
What should I wear to the Panther Grappling Club?
The Panther Grappling Club does not require any special uniforms. Simply wear comfortable clothes that are suitable for vigorous exercise. Mouth guards, headgear, and other equipment are a good idea in case of an accident.
How does the Panther Grappling Club practice?
Members typically practice by warming up, drilling and learning specific techniques, then grappling live rounds for the rest of practice.
Is the Panther Grappling Club dangerous?
The Panther Grappling Club is committed to the safety of its members. However, as any martial art, there is always risk inherent in submission grappling.
Do I need previous experience with grappling or other martial arts?
No previous experience is necessary. Beginners are encouraged to attend and gradually acclimate to grappling.
I have previous experience in wrestling, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Kung Fu, boxing, etc. Is the Panther Grappling Club for me?
We encourages those with previous experience to attend. Those with grappling specific experience will be able to refine their techniques and acquire new ones. Those with non-grappling experience will learn how to supplement their previous martial arts experience with grappling techniques.
Can I be a member of the Panther Grappling Club and another martial arts organization simultaneously?
Absolutely. The Panther Grappling Club encourages its members to actively train in additional martial arts in order to broaden their abilities.