Plant, Grow, Eat and Plant Again

Food, today, is confusing--it comes from somewhere, usually a grocery store like Giant Eagle. It's grown far away, pumped full of chemicals, and then shipped here to Pittsburgh so we can buy it. That model does not make for the best-tasting food, which is why we're giving you a chance to grow your own. Get close to the earth, step into the kitchen--come work on our plot of land and the time you put in will be paid back with boxes of produce that we grew ourselves. What could be simpler?

Plant to Plate is a student organization at the University of Pittsburgh. There are 3 elements to our focus: the farm, the kitchen, and the community
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Our plot is located at Oakland Avenue and Sennott Street.  Stop by during one of our UPCOMING EVENTS:
Sunday, May 8:  Kick-off event

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Photos courtesy of Rachael Glasder.