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Luminescent lanthanide complexes and nanoparticles

We investigate the design, synthesis and characterization of luminescent lanthanide complexes and nanomaterials emitting in the visible and near infrared. We also develop these systems for applications that take advantage of their unique luminescence properties.

Our research program will design luminescent lanthanide compounds that have advanced properties for applications. Some examples of targeted applications:

1) Applications in solution: imaging agents and luminescent probes for time-resolved measurements in cell biology and bio-assays in aqueous solution (such as fluorescence microscopy, clinical diagnostic, genomic and proteomic screening, drug discovery).
2) Applications in solid state: self-luminescent color materials based on thin-film polymers and luminescent liquid crystals. These materials are designed for the development of new, flexible, highly efficient and self-luminescent color displays.

Our research is highly interdisciplinary in nature, bridging different domains of chemistry, biology and material sciences.


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