Meet The Officers!

Dr. Samuel Dickerson is an Associate Professor and Director of the University of Pittsburgh’s department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Dr. Dickerson’s general research interests lie in the area of electronics, circuits and embedded systems and in particular, technologies in those areas that have biomedical applications. He has expertise in the design and simulation of mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems that incorporate the use of both digital and analog electronics, as well as optics, microfluidics and devices that interface to the biological world. Prior to joining Pitt faculty he was a co-founder and the president of Nanophoretics LLC, where he led the research and development of a novel dielectrophoresis-based lab-on-chip technology for rapidly detecting drug-resistant bacteria strains. In addition to engineering research, Dr. Dickerson is also investigating new and innovative methods for improving the learning experience for electrical and computer engineering students.

Carter is a senior Electrical Engineering student starting his second co-op rotation at Pioneer Power Group this spring. He maintains responsibility of overseeing all group functions, meetings, activities, fundraising, decision-making, and affiliations of the organization. His job involves recruiting members for various committees for events and activities. More specific duties include planning meetings, advisor communications, delegating responsibility and overall group leadership.

Chloe Hale

Vice President

Chloe is a senior Electrical Engineering student. As a vice president, she closely assists the president, including leadership involvement in meetings, activity planning and decision-making. Her primary responsibilities include overseeing Committee Chairs, directly overseeing the organization of all professional activities, and professional and company correspondence. Outside of IEEE, Chloe Co-Ops at Acutronic USA Inc and enjoys art music and baking.

Joseph Maciolek

Business Manager

Joe is a senior Electrical Engineering student who has finished his first co-op rotation at Conair Group. As Business Manager, he is responsible for balancing the IEEE budget throughout each academic year that the position is served, handling reimbursements in a timely manner, and providing input on the pros and cons of major club purchases.

Mark is a senior Computer Engineering student. As the secretary, he is responsible for sending out emails to promote activities and involvement in the club. Mark has done undergraduate research under Dr. Kevin Chen and Dr. Zhi-Hong Mao, and now researches with SHREC. In his spare time, he plays soccer and disc golf with his friends.

Eileen Wang

Activities Chair

Eileen is a senior Computer Engineering student. As the Activities Chair, she is responsible for communicating with club members to come up with good ideas for club events and setting up events that she thinks will be best for everyone. She is excited to meet new people and encourage involvement in IEEE.

Aleksa Rodic

Corporate Liaison

Aleksa is a junior Electrical Engineering student. As the corporate liaison, he is responsible for communication between career services, companies, and the Pitt IEEE branch. He is responsible for reaching out to companies in order to form sponsorships between the companies and Pitt IEEE. Additionally, he is responsible for implementing the requests of any existing sponsors.

Jonathan Rodriguez

Social Engagement Chair

Jonathan is a junior Electrical Engineering student. As the Social Engagement Chair, he is responsible for updating the IEEE social media and posting announcements and relevant information about IEEE. Outisde IEEE, he likes to play intramural soccer and also play the guitar.

Keshav is a sophomore Computer Engineering student. As the webmaster, he keeps all necessary Pitt IEEE information accessible, keeps the website consistent and presentable, and updates/creates each individual section of the website. Keshav enjoys playing sports and instruments as well as working on small tech projects. Direct any questions or concerns regarding the website to him.

Zach Hartman

Workshop Chair

Zach is a senior Computer Engineering student with a second major in Classical Civilizations. As the Workshop Chair, he is responsible for keeping the social media active and recruiting new members. Outside of IEEE, he is also a tour guide for the Cathedral’s Nationality Rooms. If he’s not in Benedum or Cathy, he’s probably in Schenley Park.