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The term "ritual" has long enjoyed wide use in a number of disciplines, and many scholars have noted the fundamental social importance of ritualized behaviors and the difficulty of interpreting them. It is only recently, however, that "ritual studies" has become a recognized interdisciplinary field.

Founded in 1987, the Journal of Ritual Studies deals exclusively with ritual in all its aspects. Our interdisciplinary public includes scholars from anthropology, religious studies, sociology, psychology, performance studies, ancient, medieval, early modern and contemporary history, area studies, philosophy, art, literature, dance, and music.

The Journal provides a forum for debate about ritual’s role and meaning, and seeks better definition for this rapidly growing field. We publish articles about ritual in its various forms and contexts.

The Journal publishes reviews of books annually.  Also, HyperLinks to Book Review Forums are found below in the Table of Contents listing under the relevant issues.

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Kathleen Ashley -University of Southern Maine

Vincent Crapanzano - City University of New York
  John Traphagan - University of Texas, Austin
Sam Gill - University of Colorado, Boulder
Alf Hiltebeitel - George Washington University
Michael Lambek - University of Toronto
Richard Schechner - New York University
  Naomi McPherson - University of British Columbia

Donald Sutton - CarnegieMellon University  

  Ruel Tyson - University of North Carolina
Fred Clothey - University of Pittsburgh

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1.1  (1987)

The Future of Ritual, Richard Schechner  (pp. 5-33)

Ritual Studies and Liturgical Theology: An Invitation to Dialogue, Theodore W. Jennings, Jr. (pp. 35-56)

Shamanic Ritual as Poetic Model: The Case of Maria Sabina and Anne Waldman, Daniel C. Noel (pp. 57-71)

Initiation Rite as Riddle, Thomas V. Peterson (pp. 73-84)

From Death Unto Life: The Rhetorical Function of Funeral Rites in Arna Bontemps’ Black Thunder, Mary Kemp Davis (pp. 85-101)

Magical Medicine on TV: Benin City, Nigeria, Andrew P. Lyons and Harriet D. Lyons (pp. 103-136)


1.2  (1987)

From Ritual to Meditative Piety: Devotional Change in French Penitential Confraternities from the 16th to the 18th Century, Andrew E. Barnes (pp. 1 - 26)

Baptism as Death and Birth: A Psychological Interpretation of its Imagery, Lucy Bregman (pp. 27 - 41)

Midwinter Night’s Dream: "The Eve of St. Agnes" as Sacred Ritual in the Old Religion of the Britons, Judith Arcana (pp. 43 - 57)

The Zoroastrian Nahn Purification Rituals, Jamsheed K. Choksy (pp. 59 - 74)

Chords of Tradition, Lens of Analogy: Oconic Signs in Okiek Ceremonies, Corrine A. Kratz (pp. 75 - 96)

Making Sense of the Aje Festival: Wealth, Politics and the Status of Women among the Ondo of Southwestern Nigeria, Olatunde Bayo Lawuyi and

Jacob K. Olupuna (pp. 97 - 109)

Rite East of Joyce’s "Araby", Frederick K. Lang (pp. 111 - 120)


2.1 (1988)

Israel in the Mirror of Nature: Animal Metaphors in the Ritual and Narrative of Ancient Israel, Howard Eilberg-Schwartz (pp. 1 - 30)

Wolf of the Bees: Germanic Shamanism and the Bear hero, Stephen O. Glosecki (pp. 31 - 53)

Response to Stephen O. Glosecki’s "Wolf of the Bees", James Weldon ( pp. 55 - 57)

How Masks Work, Or Masks Work How?, Judi Young-Laughlin and Charles D. Laughlin (pp. 59 - 86)

Possession States Among the Saktas of West Bengal, June McDaniel (pp. 87 - 99)

Women’s Initiation Rites in Afro-Brazilian Religions: A Structural Source Ananlysis, Carol A. Myscofski  (pp. 101 - 118)


2.2 ( 1988)

Introduction,  Fred W. Clothey (pp. 145 - 146)

Toward a Comprehensive Interpretation of Ritual, Fred W. Clothey (pp. 147 - 161)

The Testimony of Sister Annie Mae, Ruel W. Tyson, Jr. (pp. 163 - 184)

Approaching Some Householder Yogis: To Visit or Move In?, Daniel Gold (pp. 185 - 194)

Ritual, Reality, and Contemporary Society: The Case of a Reconstructionist Synagogue, Jack N. Lightstone (pp. 195 - 216)

Ritual Criticism and Reflexivity in Fieldwork, Ronald L. Grimes (pp. 217 - 239)

Responses to various previous articles, Andrew Strathern, Sam Gill, Stephen O. Glosecki (pp. 241 - 262)


3.1 (1989)

Ritual Spaces: An Application of Aesthetic Theory to Zoroastrian Ritual, James W. Boyd and Ron G. Williams (pp. 1 - 43)

Welcome and Unwelcome Visitors: Shivarees and the Political Economy of Rural-Urban Interactions in Southern Ontario, Pauline Greenhill (pp. 45 - 67)

Ritual Process and the Survival of Early Christianity: A Study of the Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus, Thomas M. Finn (pp. 69 - 89)

A Liturgical Nexus Early in Joyce, Frederick K. Lang (pp. 91 - 108)

Pentecostal Ritual Reconsidered: Anti-Structural Dimensions of Possession, Bobby C. Alexander (pp. 109 - 128)

Various reviews, various authors


3.2  (1989)

Korean Ritual Thematic Issue

Intro., Clark W. Sorensen (pp. 155 - 165)

The Practice of Traditional Family Rituals in Contemporary Urban Korea, Kwang-Kyu Lee (pp. 168 - 183)

A Noisy and Bothersome New Custom: Delivering a Gift Box to a Korean Bride, Laurel Kendall (pp. 185 - 202)

Namdo Tul Norae: Ritual and the Intangible Cultural Asset System, Keith Howard (pp. 203 - 216)

The Symbolic Meaning of Shamanic Ritual in Korean Folk Life, Kil-song Ch’oe (pp. 217 - 233)

The Artistry and Ritual Aesthetics of Urban Korean Shamans, Chungmoo Choi (pp. 235 - 249)

Lamentations of the Dead: The Historical Imagery of Violence on Cheju Island, South Korea, Seong Nae Kim (pp. 251 - 285)

"Born Again": What Does it Mean to Korean-Americans in New York City? Kyeyoung Park (pp. 288 - 301)

Review essay, Book Reviews, various authors


4.1 ( 1990)

The Lords of the Culto: Transcending Time Through Place in Sicilian Pentecostal Ritual, Salvatore Cucchiari (pp. 1 - 14)

Ritual and Symbolic Function: A Summary of Biogenetic Structural Theory, Charles D. Laughlin (pp. 16 - 39)

Silence and Ecstasy: Watching the Sufis Dance, John Maier (pp. 42 - 64)

The Story of Telemachus as Multiple Cult Myth, Sara Mandell (pp. 66 - 83)

Ritual in Corporate Culture Societies: An Anthropological Approach, James R. McLeod (pp. 85 - 97)

Rituals of Self-Mortification: Taiwanese Spirit-Mediums in Comparative Perspective, Donald S. Sutton (pp. 100 - 125)

Review Essays,  book reviews


4.2 (1990)

Special Issue of the JRS based on the proceedings of the Santa Barbara Conference on Ritual and Power. Topics by various authors include "Ritual Modes of Power Appropriation",

"Ritual Negotiation of Power Dialectics", "Ritual Strategies of Domination and Empowerment", also Review Essays and Book Reviews.


5.1 (1991)

Men’s Time and Women’s Time: History, Myth, and Ritual at a Modern Greek Shrine, Jill Dubisch (pp. 1 - 26)

From Cannibal to Clown: Observations on the Grotesque Mask in Woodland North America, Martin W. Walsh (pp. 27 - 50)

Fertility and Salvation: The Conflict Between Spirit Cult and Christian Sect in Mount Hagen, Andrew Strathern (pp. 51 - 64)

Authority, Ritual, and Spatial in Islam: The Pilgrimage to Mecca, Juan Eduardo Campo (pp. 65 - 91)

Ritual Leadership in the Dhikr: The Role of the Munshidin in Egypt, Earle H. Waugh (pp. 93 - 108)

The Garebeg Malud in Yogyakarta: Veneration of the Prophet as Imperial Ritual, Mark R. Woodward (pp. 109 - 132)

Various Review Essays and Book Reviews, various authors


5.2  (1991)

Celebration and Transgression: Nietzsche on Ritual, James E. Gibson (pp. 1 - 13)

The Discharge of Guilt: Psychoanalytic Theories of Ritual, Daniel Merkur (pp. 15 - 32)

The Garments of the Gods in Japanese Ritual, Alan L. Miller (pp. 33 - 55)

Religious Fusion in Afro-America: Free Borrowing or Forced Camouflage?, Walter Pitts (pp. 57 - 74)

The African Ironsmith as Marginal Mediator: A Symbolic Analysis, Paula M. McNutt (pp. 75 - 98)

A Communion Rite: A Study of Roman Catholic Liturgical Performance, Margaret Mary Kelleher, O.S.U. (pp. 99 - 122)

Review Articles, Book Reviews


6.1 (1992)

Special Issue: Art in Ritual Context

Art in Ritual Context: Introduction, Kathleen Ashley (pp. 1 - 11)

‘Idols of the King’: Royal Images as Recipients of Ritual Action in Ancient Mesopotamia, Irene J. Winter (pp. 14 - 42)

Loss and Recovery of Ritual Self Among Hindu Images, Richard Davis (pp. 43 - 61)

An Unsentimental View of Ritual in the Middle Ages or, Sainte Foy was no Snow White, Kathleen Ashley and Pamela Sheingorn (pp. 63 - 85)

Ritual and the Virgin on the Column: The Cult of the Schöne Maria in Regensburg, Christopher S. Wood (pp. 87 - 107)

From Ritual in the Landscape to Capture in the Urban Center: The Recreation of Ritual Environments in Mesoamerica, Andrea Stone (pp. 109 - 132)

A Place in Sacred History: Coronation Ritual and Architecture in Ottonian Mainz, Melissa Thorson Hause (pp. 133 - 157)

Sacred Altars, Sacred Streets: The Sculpture of Penitential Confraternities in Early Modern Seville, Susan Verdi Webster (pp. 159 - 177)

Book Reviews and Correspondence, various authors


6.2 (1992)

Redressing the Chorus: Nietzsche in Eliot, Mark Pizzato (pp. 1 - 25)

Bodily Knowing, Ritual Embodiment, and Experimental Drama: From Regression to Transgression, Bjorn Krondorfer (pp. 26 - 38)

The Authorization of Ritual and the Ritualization of Authority: The Practice of Values in a Japanese New Religion, Brian McVeigh (pp. 39 - 58)

To Pilgrimage It, Karen Pechilis (pp. 59 - 91)

A Catechumenate for Marriage: Presacramental Preparation as Pilgrimage, Paul A. Holmes (pp. 93 - 113)

Wild Transgressions and Tame Celebrations, William G. Doty (pp. 115 - 130)

Review Essays, Book Reviews, various authors


7.1 (1993)

Special Issue: Ritual and Sport

In Search of the Ultimate: Ritual Aspects of the Hawaiian Ironman Triathalon, Jane E. Granskog (pp. 3 - 25)

Mesquaki Sports Participation as an Adolescent Rite of Passage, Douglas E. Foley (pp. 27 - 44)

Qing Dynasty Grand Sacrifice and Communist National Sports Games: Rituals of the Chinese State?, Susan E. Brownell (pp. 45 - 63)

Professional Wrestling: Moral Commentary Through Ritual Metaphor, Sam Migliore (pp. 65 - 84)

Revealing the Hidden: The Epiphanic Dimension of Games and Sport, Charles D. Laughlin (pp. 85 - 104)

The Ritual Dimension of Karate-do, John Donahue (pp. 105 - 124)

The Athlete and Ritual Timing: An Experimental Study, Andrew W. Miracle and Dan Southard (pp. 125 - 138)

Zen Handgun: Sports Ritual and Experience, Brian J. Given (pp. 139 - 161)

Review Essay and book Reviews, various authors


7.2 (1993)

From Meanings to Trees, Frits Staal (pp. 11 - 32)

The Anatomy of a Cosmology: Ritual and Anaphora in Aime Cesaire’s Cahier d’un retour au pays natal, Patrice M. Some (pp. 33 - 52)

Homer’s Daitos Eises and the Greek Sacrificial Meal, Sion M. Honea (pp. 53 - 68)

The Reconstruction of Ritual: Capping in Ancient China, Grant Hardy (pp. 69 - 90)

Education for Experience: One View of Tibetan Tantric Initiation, Brian J. Given (pp. 91 - 115)

Review Article, Book Reviews, various authors


8.1 (1994)

Jane Ellen Harrison and the Ritual Theory, Martha C. Carpentier (pp. 11 - 26)

Ceremony as Camouflage: Form and Ritual in the Life and Work of Christopher Isherwood, Richard C. Kane (pp. 27 - 51)

Ritualized Practices of Everyday Life: Constructing Self, Status, and Social Structure in Japan, Brian McVeigh ( 53 - 71)

Ritual Socialization and the Children’s Birthday Party: The Early Emergence of Gender Differences, Cele Otnes and Mary Ann McGrath (pp. 73 - 93)

An Unusual Transmission of the Lakota Yuwipi Ritual with Luciano Perez, Willard Johnson(pp. 95 - 124)

Review Essay and Book Reviews, various authors


8.2 ( 1994)

Making Monotheism: Global Islam in Local Practice Among the Lujé of Indonesia, Jennifer W. Nourse (pp. 1 - 18)

Land Calming and Claiming Rituals in Contemporary Japan, John Nelson (pp. 19 - 40)

Introduction: Rituals of the Bereaved, Fred W. Clothey (p.41)

Divergent Perspectives on the Velorio Del Angelito: Ritual Imagery, Artistic Condemnation, and Ethnographic Value, John M. Schechter (pp. 43 - 84)

The Work of the Witness in Psychotherapeutic Rituals of Grief, David A. Garrick (pp. 85 - 113)

Defending Against Grief on New Ireland: The Place of Mortuary Feasting in Sursurunga Society, Alexander H. Bolyanatz (pp. 115 - 133)

Book Reviews, various authors


9.1 (1995)

The Halakhic Ritual of Giyyur and its Symbolic Meaning, Avi Sagi and Zvi Zohar(pp. 1 - 13)

The Synagogue in Medieval Jewish Community as an Integral Institution, Goldin Simha (pp. 15 - 39)

Ritual Aspects of Narrative: An Analysys of Jack Kerouac’s The Dharma Bums, Alan L. Miller (pp. 40 - 53)

The Pacifications of Plagues: The Chinese Rite of Affliction, Paul R. Katz (pp. 55 - 100)

Healing Sand: A Comparative Investigation of Navajo Sanpaintings and Tibetan Sand Mandalas, Jeffrey Samuels (pp. 101 - 126)

Book Reviews, various authors


9.2 (1995)

‘Not to be Riten’: The Mormon Temple Rite as Oral Canon, Kathleen Flake (pp. 1 - 21)

On Mantras and Frits Staal, George Thompson (pp. 23 - 44)

The Problem of Ritual Efficacy in Modern Society: The German Chains of Lights, December 1992, Gunter Thomas (pp. 45 - 63)

Gender, Liminality and Ritual in Japan: Divination among Single Tokyo Women, Satsuki Kawano (pp. 65 - 91)

Kwandulukwa Ntu: An African-American Initiation Rite for Girls, Richard Brent Turner (pp. 93 - 108)

Emerging Patterns in Women’s Ritualizing, Leslie Northup (pp. 109 - 136)

Book Reviews, various authors


10.1 (1996)

Casablanca 1993: Negotiating Gender and Nation in Performative Space, M. Elaine Combs-Schilling (pp. 1 - 35)

All Souls Aboard! The Ritual Launch of Model Junks by the Chinese of Nagasaki in Tokugawa Japan, Timothy Y. Tsu (pp. 37 - 62)

Male and Female Healing in Northern Peru: Metaphors, Models and Manifestations of Difference, Bonnie Glass-Coffin (pp. 63 - 91)

Experiences of Ear-Cutting: The Significances of a Ritual of Bodily Alteration for Householder Yogis, Daniel Gold (pp. 91 - 112)

When the Dead Become Brides, Gods, and Gold: Marriage Symbolism in a Tamil Household Ritual, Isabelle Nabokov (pp. 113 - 133)

Book Reviews, various authors


10.2 ( 1996)

Performing Power: On the Nature of the Japanese Ritual Dance Performance of Yamabushi Kagura, Irit Averbuch (pp. 1 - 40)

The Old Tradition in a New Setting: A Preliminary Study of Mortuary Ritual in a Chinese Village, Gang Chen (pp. 41 - 57)

A Ceremonial Animal, Elizabeth Fuller Collins (pp. 59 - 84)

Rituals and the Function of the Past: Rereading Eric Hosbawm, Paul Post (pp. 85 - 107)

Blessing Cars: A Classic Sufi Play on Ritual in Immigrant America, Frances Trix (pp. 109 - 129)

Book Reviews, various authors


11.1 (1997)

"Micro-Rituals" that Ritualize Bodies: Learning to be Ladylike at a Japanese Women’s College, Brian McVeigh (pp. 1 - 13)

"Mark My Actions": The Odawa Legacy for Empowering Identity, Melissa Pflug (pp. 15 - 33)

Ritual: Communication and Meaning, Soloman N. Harris (pp. 35 - 44)

The Uses of Ritual in a Chinese Festival: The Jiajiang Troupe in Southern Taiwan, Donald S. Sutton (pp. pp. 45 - 60)

The Efficacy-Entertainment Braid Revisited: From Ritual to Commerce in Papua New Guinea, Andrew J. Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (pp. 61 - 70)

Review Essay, Book Reviews, various authors


11.2 (1997)

Ritual Self-Disclosure in the Coming-Out Process, David Garrick (pp. 1 - 19)

Cursing Practices in Sinhala Buddhism: The Case of Seenigama, J.P. Feddema (pp. 21 - 34)

Subissue on Consumer Rituals:

New Research on Consumption Rituals, Cele Otnes and Mary Ann McGrath (pp. 35 - 45)

A Consumer Good in the Ritual Process: The Case of the Wedding Dress, Susanne Friese (pp. 47 - 58)

Cosmetics Consumption and Use Among Women: Ritualized Activities that Construct and Transform the Self, Nancy Ann Rudd (pp. 59 - 77)


12.1 (1998)

Reflections on Ritual and on Theorizing About Ritual, Elizabeth Collins (pp. 1 - 7)

From Bodies to Brooms: Resistance to Routinization in the Shaker Era of Manifestations, Martha Ellen Stortz (pp. 9 - 16)

Body as ritual Actor and Instruments of Praise: Verna Maynard’s Experience as Praise Leader in the Ketchener Church of God, Donna Lynne Seamone (pp. 17 - 26)

In the Presence of the Goddess: Bowing Before the Mirror in Shinto, Jennifer Dumpert (pp. 27 - 37)

Tooth-Filing in Bali: One Woman’s Experience, Clare B. Fischer with Luh Estiti Andarawati (pp. 39 - 46)

Modern Sports: Liminal Ritual or Liminoid Leisure, Sharon Rowe (pp. 47 - 60)

Ritual Trackways and Fertility in New Guinea, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (pp. 61 - 66)

Book Reviews, various authors


12.2 (1998)

San Fernando Cathedral and the Alamo: Sacred Place, Public Ritual and the Construction of Meaning, Timothy Matovinapp ( pp. 1 - 13)

Tubuan: The Survival of the Male Cult Among the Tolai, A.L. Epstein (pp. 15 - 28)

Continuities and Ruptures in Ritual Practices: Editorial Comment on Tubuan: The Survival of the Male Cult Among the Tolai, Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (pp. 29 - 30)

The Jain Ritual of Bathing Images With Special Reference to the Mahamastakabhishek of Bahibali, Sushil Jain (pp. 31 - 41)

The Politics of Ritual Behavior: Resentment, Conflicts and Hierarchy in a Japanese Hot Spring Town, Mitsuhiro Yoshida (pp. 43 - 60)

Suffering Mothers: The Birth of a New World in Yeat’s Purgatory and H.D.’s Euripides Ion, Barbara Seuss (pp. 61 - 72)

Review Essay and Book Reviews, various authors


13.1 (1999)

The Theology of Fast Day Cosmetics, Etan Levine (pp. 1 - 6)

Working Magic in Neo-Paganism, David Cheal and Jane Leverick (pp. 7 - 19)

Reconciling the Local and the Global: The Ritual Space of Shi’i Islam in Trinidad, Frank Korom (pp. 21 - 36)

Artful Means: An Aesthetic View of Shinto Purification Rituals, James Boyd and Ron Williams (pp. 37 - 52)

Pakeha Whakapapa: Welcoming a New Academic in a Ritual of Room Blessing, Jane Simpson (pp. 53 - 62)


13.2  (1999)

Discipline as Performance: The Bhikkhuni Guruudharmas, Yarista Liston (pp. 3 - 11)

Women, Temporary Liminality and Two-Spirits: The Staging of Community in the Plains Indians Scalp Dance’s Masquerade, Massimiliano Carocci (pp. 12 - 25)

Models of Pilgrimage: From Communitas to Confluence, Bonnie Wheeler (pp. 26 - 41)

Killing, Healing, and the Hidden Motif of Oath-Sacrifice in Iliad 21, Margo Kitts (pp. 42 - 57)

Ritual Lives of Muslim Women: Agency in Everyday Life, Shampa Mazumdar and Sanjoy Mazumdar (pp. 58 - 70)

Reviews, various authors


14.1 (2000)

General Editors’ Note, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (p. 3)

Special Issue: Food

Religious Dimensions of Food: An Introduction, Philip P. Arnold (pp. 4 -5)

Eating and Giving Food: The Material Necessity of Interpretation in Thai Buddhism, Philip P. Arnold (pp. 6 - 22)

Food and Gender in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, Mary N. MacDonald (pp. 23 - 31)

A Public Tea Gathering: Theater and Ritual in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, James-Henry Holland II (pp. 32 - 44)

Be Holy for I Am Holy: Food, Politics, and the Teaching of Judaism, Jay M. Eidelman (pp. 45 - 51)

Returns of the Gift, Returns from the Gift, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (pp. 52 - 59)

Eucharist, Ritual and Narrative: Formation of Individual and Communal Moral Character, Mark Allman (pp. 60 - 68)

Book Review


14.2  (2000)

General Editors’ Note, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (p. 3)

Issue Emphasis: 1999 AAA annual meeting papers re: Time in the Millennium

The Name of Our God is Dialogue: Millennial Visions in Northern Ireland, Liam D. Murphy (pp. 4 - 15)

Moving Towards the Millennium?: Ritualized Mobility and the Cultivation of Agency Among Charismatic Protestants, Simon Coleman (pp. 16 - 27)

Religious Change in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (pp. 28 - 33)

A Unity of Pattern in the Kami Tradition: Orienting "Shinto" Within a Context of Pre-Modern and Contemporary Ritual Practice, E. Leslie Williams (pp. 34 - 47)

Strategic Family Therapy and Turner’s Ritual Theory: Cross-Cultural Comparisons in the Process of Becoming, Kimberly Ann Holle (pp. 48 - 57)

Book Reviews, Xin Liu (pp. 58 - 64)


15.1 (2001)

General Editors’ Note, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (p. 3)

"If the Lord be not Come..." End-time Teachings and Evangelical Practice in the Bretheren Movement in Singapore, Jean DeBernardi (pp. 4 - 16)

Adumbrations of Dread: Spiritual Baptists at the Dawn of the Millennium, Stephen D. Glazier (pp. 17 - 26)

Charcot’s Theatre of Hysteria, Barry Stephenson (pp. 27 - 37)

Understanding Symbolic Process - Metaphor, Vibration, Form, Ian Prattis (pp. 38 - 54)

Pentecostal Churches and their Relationship to the Mexican State and Political Parties, Carols Garma Navarro (pp. 55 - 66)

From the Elaboration of Practice to the Practice of Elaboration: Reflections on ‘The Tenth Day" on Enewetak Atoll, Laurence Marshall Carucci (pp. 67 - 79)

Book Reviews, various authors


15.2 (2001)

General Editors’ Note, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (p. 3)

SPECIAL ISSUE - Charismatic and Pentecostal Christianity in Oceania, J. Robbins, P.J. Stewart, A. Strathern, Guest Editors

Foreward: Charismatic and Pentecostal Christianity in Oceania,  P.J. Stewart and A. Strathern (pp. 4 - 6)

Introduction: Global Religions, Pacific Island Transformations, J. Robbins (pp. 7 - 12)

Signs of Conversion, Spirit of Commitments: The Pentecostal Church in the Kingdom of Tonga, E. Olson (pp. 13 - 26)

Evangelical Religion Among Pacific Island Migrants: New Faiths or Brief Diversions?, Cluny Macpherson and La’avasa Macpherson (pp. 27 - 37)

Sectarianism and Miniafia People in Papua New Guinea, D.C. Wakefield (pp. 38 - 54)

Participation as Resistance: The Role of Pentecostal Christianity in Maintaining Identity for Marshallese Migrants Living in the Midwestern United States, L. Allen (pp. 55 - 61)

Israel, America, and the Ancestors: narratives of Spiritual Warfare in a Pentecostal Denomination in Solomon Islands, J.M. Stritecky (pp. 62 - 78)

Whatever Became of Revival? From Charismatic Movement to Charismatic Church in a Papua New Guinea Society, J. Robbins (pp. 79 - 90)

The Great Exchange: Moka with God, P.J. Stewart and A. Strathern (pp. 91 - 104)

Afterword, J. Barker (pp. 105 - 107)

Recent Publications List


16.1 (2002)

General Editors' Note, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (p. 3)

Transgressing Boundaries, Transcending Turner: The Pilgrimage Tradition at the Shrine of St. John De Britto, Selva J. Raj (pp. 4 - 18)

Sacrificial Violence in the Iliad, Margo Kittts (pp. 19 - 39)

Ritual, Collective Effervescence and the Categories: Toward a Neo-Durkheimian Model of the Nature of Human Consciousness, Feeling and Understanding,

C. Jason Throop and Charles D. Laughlin (pp. 40 - 63)

'Maggots in Their Ears': Hunting Incantations and Indigenous Knowledge in Development, Paul Sillitoe (pp. 64 - 77)

Mantra and Consciousness Expansion in India, Ian Prattis (pp. 78 - 96)

Singular Rituals Serve Elders' Apprehension of Personal Health and Well Being, Linda Marie Small (pp. 97 - 107)

Water in Place: The Hagen and Duna People of Papua New Guinea, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (pp. 108 - 119)

Filmed Rituals: Two Seminars on Cinematographic Approaches to Rituals, J. A. M. Snoek (pp. 120 - 124)

Book reviews


16.2 (2002)

General Editors’ Note, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (p. 3)

(pp. 4 - 59) Book Review Forum: Harvey Whitehouse’s book, Arguments and Icons: Divergent Modes of Religiosity

To read the entire Book Review Forum click on the following underlined words:    Review Forum Whitehouse.pdf     ReviewForumFigure1.pdf

-Reviews of Whitehouse’s book by: Brian Malley, Pascal Boyer, Fredrik Barth, Michael Houseman, Robert N. McCauley, Luther H. Martin, Tom Sjoblom, and Garry W. Trompf.

-Reply by Harvey Whitehouse

Intro: Shamans, Scholars, and Seekers, Mary N. MacDonald (pp. 60 - 62)

Shamanic Universals and Evolutionary Psychology, Michael Winkelman (pp. 63 - 76)

The Metaphor of Dismemberment in Descartes, Anne A. Davenport (pp. 77 - 81)

Starting from Chickasaw Street: Autobiographical and Academic Asides on the Neoshamanic Auspices of our Shamanology, Daniel C. Noel (pp. 82 - 87)

The Study of Shamanism: Local and Universal Dimensions, Mary N. MacDonald (pp. 88 - 107)

The Relaxation Response and its Possible Corollary in the Shamanic Trance, Eugene Taylor (pp. 108 - 111)

The Nation (Korea) as the Axis Mundi or Center of the World to be - a Common Perspective of Korean Shamanistic Practitioners and Religions, Young-ho Kim (pp. 112 - 128)

Shamanism and the American Psychotherapeutic Counter-Culture, Eugene Taylor and Janet Piedilato (pp. 129 - 140)

Animal Sacrifice and the Problem of Translation: The Construction of Meaning in Tuareg Sacrifice, Susan J. Rasmussen (pp. 141 - 164)

In Mosques and Shrines: Women’s Agency in Public Sacred Space, Shampa Mazumdar and Sanjoy Mazumdar (pp. 165 - 179)

Book Review, Recent Publications List


17.1 (2003)

Theorizing Ritual  as Performance: Explorations of Ritual Indeterminacy, Gavin Brown (pp. 3 - 18)

The Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives: An Ongoing Case Study of American Belief, Symbol, and Ritual, Richard E. Parent (pp. 19 - 31)

Ritual Criticism of a Contemporary Rite of Passage, Barry Stephenson (pp. 32 - 41)

The Heart of Ritual is the Body: Anatomy of an Islamic Devotional Manual of the Nineteenth Century, Scott A. Kugle (pp. 42 - 60)

Khwaja Mu In Ud-Din Chishti's Death Festival: Competing Authorities Over Sacred Space, Qamar-ul Huda (pp. 61 - 78)

The Ultimate Protest Statement: Suicide as a means of defining self-worth among the Duna of the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (pp. 79 - 89)

The Bitter and the Sweet: A Structural Analysis of Mimuna, Erik H. Cohen (pp. 90 - 98)

Book Reviews

"Ritualistik" in Abo. A Conference Report (pp. 105 - 106)

Recent Publications List


17.2  (2003)

Can Ritual Form be Predicted from Religious Belief? A Test of the Lawson-McCauley Hypotheses, Brian Malley and Justin Barrett (pp. 1 - 14)

The Ethno-Methodology of Ritual Invention in Contemporary Culture - Two Pagan and Christian Cases, Jone Salomonsen (pp. 15 - 24)

'Rituals of Renewal': The Toronto Blessing as a Ritual Change of Contemporary Christianity, Ronald Schouten (pp. 25 - 34)

Social Context and Creation of Meaning in Indigenous Amazonian Performances of Myth and Oral History, Javier Ruedas (pp. 35 - 71)

Music, Dance and Raving Bodies: Raving as Spirituality in the Central Canadian Rave Scene, Melanie Takahashi and Tim Olaveson (pp. 72 - 96)

Book Review Forum on Harriet Whitehead's 'Food Rules: Hunting, Sharing, and Tabooing Game in Papua New Guinea' (pp. 97 - 126)  Book Review Forum Hyperlink: To read the entire Book Review Forum click on the following underlined words: Harriet Whitehead .pdf

-Reviews of Whitehead's book by: Naomi M. McPherson, Daniel M. T. Fessler, Sandra Bamford, and Patricia Townsend

-Reply by Harriet Whitehead

Recent Publications List


18.1 (2004)

Ritual and the Ambiguous Power of Women in Chrétien de Troyes’ Yvain Roman, David J. Fekete (pp. 1 - 15)

Masks, Metaphor and Transformation: The Communication of Belief in Ritual Performance, Michael S. Merrill (pp. 16 - 33)

Death in Lesu: The Historical Anthropology of a New Ireland Society, Göran Aijmer (pp. 34 - 49)

Representing Unpredictability: An Analysis of a Curing Ritual Among the East Kalimantan Luangan, Isabell Herrmans (pp. 50 - 61)

Snow Day as Holiday, Joshua Dubler (pp. 62 - 76)

Ritual Metaphysics, Kevin Schilbrack (pp. 77 - 90)

The Bagre and the Story of My Life, Jack Goody (pp. 91 - 95)

Book Review Forum on Michael Winkelman’s book 'Shamanism. The Neural Ecology of Consciousness and Healing' (pp. 96 - 128)  Book Review Forum Hyperlink: To read the entire Book Review Forum click on the following underlined words  Michael Winkelman Review Forum.pdf

- Reviews of this book by: Stewart E. Guthrie, Richard J. Castillo, C. Jason Throop, Pablo Wright, and Mary Douglas.

- Reply by Michael Winkelman

Book Review Forum on Bernard Juillerat’s book 'Penser l’imaginaire. Essais d’anthropologie psychoanalytique' (pp. 129 - 166)  Book Review Forum Hyperlink: To read the entire Book Review Forum click on the following underlined words Bernard Juillerat Book Review Forum.pdf

- Reviews of this book by: Pierre Lemmonier, Alban Bensa, Françoise Douaire-Marsaudon, Salvatore D’Onofrio, and

   Antoinette Molinié

- Reply by Bernard Juillerat

Book Reviews (pp. 167 - 170)

Recent Publications List


18.2 (2004)

SPECIAL ISSUE: Contesting Rituals: Islam and Practices of Identity-Making, edited by Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern

Introduction to Contesting Rituals: Islam and Practices of Identity-Making, Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (pp. i - iv)

Muslim Women Mystics and Female Spiritual Authority in South Asian Sufism, Kelly Pemberton (pp. 1 - 23)

Motivating Qur’anic Practice in Indonesia by "Competing in Goodness", Anna M. Gade (pp. 24-42)

"These are Dirty Times": Transformations of Gendered Spaces and Islamic Ritual Protection in Taureg Herbalists’ and Marabouts’ Albaraka Blessing Powers , Susan J. Rasmussen (pp. 43 - 60)

African Sufi Women and Ritual Change, Alaine S. Hutson (pp. 61 - 73)

The Articulation of Religion in Domestic Space: Rituals in the Immigrant Muslim Home, Shampa Mazumdar and Sanjoy Mazumdar (pp. 74 - 85)

Toasting Uyghurstan: Negotiating Stateless Nationalism in Transnational Ritual Space, Sean R. Roberts (pp. 86 - 105)

Charismatic Appeal or Communitas? Visitation to the Shrines of the Imams, Liyakat Takim (pp. 106 - 120)

Book Review Forum on Gilbert Lewis’s ‘A Failure of Treatment’ (pp. 121 - 151)  Book Review Forum Hyperlink: To read the entire Book Review Forum click on the following underlined words Gilbert Lewis Review Forum.pdf

- Reviews of this book by: Martha Macintyre, Borut Telban, William E. Mitchell, A. F. Robertson, Harvey Whitehouse

- Reply by Gilbert Lewis

Book Review Forum on Mary Douglas’s ‘Leviticus as Literature’ (pp. 152 - 191)   Book Review Forum Hyperlink:  To read the entire Book Review Forum click on the following underlined words Mary Douglas Review Forum.pdf

- Reviews of this book by: Suzette Heald, Lester L. Grabbe, Don Handelman, Alan F. Segal, Ronald S. Hendel

- Reply by Mary Douglas

Book Reviews (pp. 192 - 198)

Recent Publications List


19.1 (2005)

SPECIAL ISSUE: Asian Ritual Systems: Syncretisms and Ruptures, edited by Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern

Introduction: Ritual Practices, ‘Cultural Revival’ Movements, and Historical Change, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (pp.i-xiv)

Huizong’s Ritual and Musical Insignia, Joseph S.C. Lam (pp. 1-18)

Magic Tricks, Midnight Grave Outings, and Transforming Trees: Performance and Agency in Taiwanese Religion, Marc L. Moskowitz (pp. 19-29)

God’s Villages: Christian Communities in Late-Nineteenth-Century South China, Joseph Tse-Hei Lee (pp. 31-46)

The Cultural Negotiation in the Rituals of the 1997 Hong Kong Reunion with China, Yu Siu Wah (pp. 47-54)

The Unbowed Foreigner: Postural Identities of Buddhists and Christians in China, Eric Reinders (pp. 55-65)

Festivals and the Recreation of Identity in South China: A Case Study of Processions and Expulsion Rites in Pucheng, Zhejiang, Paul R. Katz (pp. 67-85)

The Virgin and the Chinese State: The Cult of Wang Yulan and the Politics of Local Identity on Jinmen (Quemoy), Michael Szonyi (pp. 87-98)

Generals, Pigs, and immortals: Views and Uses of History in Chinese Morality Books, Philip Clart (pp. 99-113)

A Generation of Power Through Ritual Protection and Transformation of Identity in Indian Tantric Buddhism, Vesna A. Wallace (pp. 115-128)

Book Review Forum, William S. Sax’s ‘Dancing the Self’. Reviewed by Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger, John D. Smith, Alf Hiltebeitel. Reply by William S. Sax (pp. 130-145)

Book Reviews of ‘Jewish Passages: Cycles of Jewish Life’ and ‘Steps of Perfection’ (pp. 149-150)

Recent Publications Listing (pp. 151-154)



19.2 (2005)

"The Ulster-Scots": A Cross-Border and Trans-National Concept and Its Ritual Performance, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (pp. 1-16)

Dialogics of the Body: The Moral and Grotesque in Two Sepik River Societies, David Lipset and Eric K. Silverman (pp. 17-52)

Gendered Rituals for Cosmic Order: Mapuche Shamanic Struggles for Wholeness, Ana Mariella Bacigalupo (pp. 53-69)

Separation, Return, Permanence: The Maternal Bond in the Naven Ritual of the Iatmul,  Bernard Juillerat (pp. 71- 88)

The Strange Case of Murray Kram: Catholic Devotionalism and Direct Mail Marketing in 1950s Pittsburgh, Timothy Kelly (pp. 89-97)

Heroes of the Antimodern: "Respect for the Elderly Day" and Writing the Narrative of the Elder Generation in Japan,  John W. Traphagan  (pp. 99-113)

Rootlore as Therapy: Evolutionary Impacts of Ritual Suggestion,  James McClenon (pp. 115-128)

Contesting Meanings and Authenticity: Indian Islam and Muharram "Performances" in Durban, 2002,  Goolam Vahed (pp. 129-145)

Book Review Forum, Gananath Obeyesekere's 'Imagining Karma: Ethical Transformation in Amerindian, Buddhist, and Greek Rebirth'.  Reviewed by Stephen F. Teiser and Thomas Baynard Ellis.  Reply by Gananath Obeyesekere (pp. 146-166)

Book Notices (pp. 167-170)



20.1 (2006)

Transfer of Ritual, Robert Langer, Dorothea Lüddeckens, Kerstin Radde, Jan Snoek (pp. 1-10)

Ritual and Power in Monsignor Quixote: A Ritual Studies Approach, Kathryn McClymond (pp. 11-20)

Ritual Reflections, Practitioner Meanings: Disputing the Terminology of Neo-Shamanic 'Performance', Jenny Blain and Robert J. Wallis (pp. 21-36)

Two Academic Rituals and One Social Drama, Leticia Mayer (pp. 37-49)

Women's Wailing in a Men's Circle: A Case Study of a Yemenite-Jewish Tradition in Israel, Tova Gamliel (pp. 51-72)

Book Notices (pp. 73-77)


20.2 (2006)

Foreword to Collection (JRS 20.2, 2006). Ritual: Transplacements and Explanations, Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (pp. i- v)

Vishnu's Universe in Ritual Space: The Abhisheka Ceremony of Penn Hills' Venkatesvara, Prabhavati C. Reddy (pp. 1-18 + Figures and Plates)

Borrowed Space, Embodied Sound: The Sonic Potential of New Ritual Communities in Ireland, Helen Phelan (pp. 19-32)

Traditional Religious Ritual Sacrifice: Cultural Materialism, Costly Signaling, or Descendant-Leaving Strategy? Craig T. Palmer, Lyle B. Steadman, and Chris Cassidy (pp. 33-42).

Hindu Temple Building in Southern California: A Study of Immigrant Religion, Shampa Mazumdar and Sanjoy Mazumdar (pp. 43-57)

Book Notices (pp. 58-68) 


21.1 (2007)

Metaphor or Invocation? The Convergence Between Modern Paganism and Fantasy Fiction, Martin Ramstedt (pp. 1-15)

Tantric Homa Rites in the Indo-Iranian Ritual Paradigm, Holly Grether (pp. 16-32)

Boring Rituals, Charles W. Nuckolls (pp. 33-48)

Identity, Difference, and Power: The Social Construction of Tuareg Smiths' Allegedly Dangerous Tezma Force, Susan Rasmussen (pp. 49-67)

Book Notices (pp. 68-76)


21.2 (2007)

Concealing the Body, Concealing the Sacred: The Decline of Ritual Nudity in Mormon Temples, John-Charles Duffy (pp. 1-21)

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe as "Urban Liturgy", Stephen S. Wilbricht (pp. 22-31)

Landscape and Mindscape in Southeastern China. The Management of Death in a Mountain Community, Goran Aijmer (pp. 32-45)

"I'm Inca": The Fiesta of Mamacha Carmen in the Andean Village of Pisac, Anne-Christine Hornborg (pp. 46-56)

Book Notices (pp. 57-64)


22.1 (2008)

Talking Place: Ritual and Reciprocity at Holy Wells and Mass Stones in The Republic  of Ireland, Suzanne J. Crawford O'Brien (pp. 1-20)

Progress and Publicity in Early China: Qin Shihuang, Ritual, and Common Knowledge, Charles Sanft (pp. 21-43)

Meaning, Performance, and Function of a Christian Forgiveness Ritual, Elzabeth A. Gassin and Timothy A. Sawchak (pp. 44-52)

  Research Lectures and Addresses:

1. Shamanic Performances: Issues of Performativity and Comparison, Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (pp. 53-66)

2. Embodiment Theory in Performance and Performativity, Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (pp. 67-72)

3. Multimedia Ethnography and Digitalization of Archives: A synergistic Project, Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (pp. 73-76)


22.2 (2008)

Embodiment, Ritual Incorporation, and Cannibalism Among the Iroquoians after 1300 c.e., John Traphagan (pp. 1-12)

Nationalizing Rituals? The Ritual Economy in Malaysia, Johan Fischer (pp. 13-22)

Coin and Healing Ritual Among the Amis in Taiwan: State, Images of Others, and Socio-Cosmic Order in Early 1930s Iwan, Shiun-wey Huang (pp. 23-35)

Sorcery Divination Among the Abau of the Idam Valley, Upper Sepik, Papua New Guinea, Barry Craig (pp. 37-51)

Book Notices (pp. 53-60)


23.1 (2009)

The Process of Becoming Muslim: Ritualization and Embodiment, Kate Oestergaard (pp. 1-13)

The Ritual Practice of Time of the Yucatec Maya 260-Day Calendar in the Post-Classic Period: The Burner Ceremonies of Quadripartite 65-Day Intervals, Lars Kirkhusmo Pharo (pp. 15-27)

       Opening and Closing Ritual in Aikidō and Karate and the Dismantling of Violence, Einat Bar-On Cohen (pp. 29-44)

Marriage Ritual in Nepal: Space, Performance and Tacit Knowledge, John Gray (pp. 45-60)  

Sorcery and Sister Exchange: Comparative Comments, Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (pp. 61-63)


Growth of the Mazu Complex in Cross-Straits Contexts (Taiwan and Fujian Province, China), Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (pp. 67-72)


Ritual and Reflection: Tropes in Transformation and Transgression, Jens Kreinath (pp. 73-75)

Recent Publications (pp. 77-82)

Comment: Ritual, Choreography, and Meaning, Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (pp. 83-85)


23.2 (2009)

   SPECIAL ISSUE: Transforming the Self in Public Ritual -- Secular and Religious Aspects 

Comment: Transforming Persons, Transforming Places, Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (pp. 1-3)  JRS 23 (2) Article Comment Strathern Stewart.pdf

Making Pastors, Making Christians: Secular and religious transcendence in Danish ordination rituals, Cecilie Rubow (pp. 5-15) 

Ritualizing and Materializing Citizenship, Tine Damsholt (pp. 17-29) 

Graduation in Denmark: Secular Ritual and Civil Religion. Margit Warburg (pp. 31-42) 

On Mirrors, Masks and Traps: Ambiguity, Risk and ‘Lateral Participation’ in Ritual, Simon Coleman (pp. 43-52) 

            Ritual Transformation and the Existential Grounds of Selfhood, Jon P. Mitchell (pp. 53-66) 

   Additional Articles

Comment: Practice Theory, Embodiment, and Language, Pamela J. Stewart and Andrew Strathern (p. 67)  JRS 23 (2) Article Comment Stewart Strathern.pdf

Catherine Bell and Her Davidsonian Critics, Curtis Hutt (pp. 69-76) 

Mundane Ritual Practices and Distance Running Training, John Hockey (pp. 77-88) 

   Recent Publications (pp. 89-97)


24.1 (2010)

    SPECIAL ISSUE: Part I - The Efficacy of Rituals

Comment: Functions, Effects, and Efficacy: A Moving Walkway of Analyses, Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (pp. 1-4)      JRS 24 (1) Article Comment Strathern Stewart.pdf

Introduction: The Efficacy of Rituals, Johannes Quack and William S. Sax (pp. 5-12) 

Questioning “Ritual Efficacy”, Johannes Quack and Paul Töbelmann (pp. 13-28) 

How to Overcome Death? - The Efficacy of Funeral Rituals in Kyrgyzstan, Roland Hardenberg (pp. 29-43) 

Postulated and Real Efficacy in Late Antique Divination Rituals, Joachim Friedrich Quack  (pp. 45-60) 

Ritual Healing East and West: a comparison of ritual healing in the Garhwal Himalayas and "Family Constellation" in Germany, William Sax, Jan Weinhold, and Jochen Schweitzer (pp. 61-77) 

    Recent Publications (pp. 79-90) 


24.2 (2010) 

        SPECIAL ISSUE: Part II - The Efficacy of Rituals

Comment: Part II, Functions, Effects, and Efficacy: Further Considerations on a Moving Walkway of Analyses, Andrew Strathern & Pamela J. Stewart  (pp. 1-5)

Healing, Efficacy and the Spirits, Geoffrey Samuel  (pp. 7-20)

Possession, Embodiment, and Ritual in Mental Health Care in India, Frederick M. Smith  (pp. 21-35)

Revisiting the Concept of Karma: Lessons from a Dhanvantari Homa, Mark Nichter and Mimi Nichter  (pp. 37-55)

Modernity and Efficacy in Kenyan Ritual Healing, Ferdinand Okwaro  (pp. 57-79).


25.1 (2011)

 Celebrant Ceremonies: Life-centered Funerals in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Cyril Schafer  (pp.1-13)

 Inventing the Scapegoat: Theories of Sacrifice and Ritual, Naomi Janowitz  (pp. 15-24)

 Dual Liminality: Marriage Rituals of the Mountain Jews in a Changing Social Context, Rachel Sharaby (pp 25-44)

 On the Stabilizing Power of Priests: Action and Meaning in the Possession Rituals of Priests in Southern Ghana,  William D. Banks (pp 45-53)

 Recent Publications, pp 55-63


25.2 (2011) 

Infernal Triangles: Patterns of Conflict in Hardy’s The Mayor of Casterbridge, John Rodden (pp.1-24)

Public Disaster Ritual in the Local Community: A Study of Norwegian Cases, Lars J. Danbolt & Hans Stifoss-Hanssen (pp. 25-36)

Bodily Inscriptions as Signs in Medieval Christian Piety and Aztec Rituals, Stephen R. Munzer (pp. 37-51)

Recent Publications, pp 53-60


26.1 (2012) 

        SPECIAL ISSUE: Part II - The Study of Ancestors and Ancestor-Related Rituals

Innovation and Ancestor Rituals, John W. Traphagan (pp. 1-3)

Claiming Modes of Mediation in Ancient Hindu and Buddhist Ancestor Worship, Matthew R. Sayers (pp. 5-18)

Repetition and the Symbolic in Contemporary Japanese Ancestor Memorial Ritual, Jason Allen Danely (pp. 19-32)

Thinking of Ancestors (and Others) at Japanese Household Altars, Michael K. Roemer (pp. 33-45)

Comment: Thinking about Rituals, Thinking of the Ancestors, Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (Strathern) (pp. 47-49)


Purity and Transformation: The Mimetic Performance of Scriptural Texts in the Ritual of Taharah, Geoffrey W. Dennis (pp. 51-64)

Book ReviewPrinceton Readings in Religion and Violence, edited by Mark Juergensmeyer and Margo Kitts, Reviewed by Andrew J. Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (Strathern) (pp. 73-74)


26.2 (2012)

        SPECIAL ISSUE: Ritual Framing: Gregory Bateson

Pushing Ritual Frames Past Bateson, Michael Houseman (pp. 1-5)

Re-Mapping Bateson’s Frame, Steven Engler and Mark Q. Gardiner (pp. 7-20)

Frames Under Pressure: Probing the Transformational Dynamics Within a Spanish Pilgrimage, Eddy Plasquy (pp. 21-38)

Naven, Moebius Strip, and Random Fractal Dynamics: Reframing Bateson’s Play Frame and the Use of Mathematical Models for the Study of Ritual, Jens Kreinath (pp.39-64)

Postlude: Framing Hierarchically, Framing Moebiusly, Don Handelman (pp.65-77)

Comment: At Play in the Fields of Framing. Or, Why Framing? From Play to Work in Ritual Process, Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (Strathern) (pp. 79-90)


27.1 (2013)

    SPECIAL ISSUE: The Denial of Ritual and Its Return

Introduction: The Denial of Ritual and its Return, Ute Husken and Donna Lynne Seamone (pp.1-9)

Backing away from Baptism: Early Christian Ambivalence about its Ritual, Richard E. DeMaris (pp. 11-19)

Denial as Silencing.  On Women’s Agency in a South Indian Brahmin Tradition, Ute Husken (pp. 21-34)

Radical Animal Rights and Environmental Activism as Rites of Passage, Sarah M. Pike (pp. 35-45)

Denial of Ritual in the Zen Buddhist Tradition, T. Griffith Foulk (pp. 47-58)

Ritual Denied and Read as Truth: From Totalizing Sincerity to the Seriousness of Play, Bjorn Krondorfer (pp 59-72)

Pentecostalism: Rejecting Ritual Formalism and Ritualizing Every Encounter, Donna Lynne Seamone (pp. 73-84)

Afterward: Denying Ritual at Our Own Risk, Don Handelman (pp. 85-94)

Comment: Denial and Reaffirmation, Pamela J. Stewart (Strathern) and Andrew Strathern (pp. 95-98)


27.2 (2013)

Pass-Aging: Woman, Jiezhu, and Life-Cycle Rituals, Lesley A. Northup (pp. 1-12)

Changing Identities Through Rituals: Newcomers to the Defectors from Ultra-Orthodox Judaism, Shlomi Doron (pp. 13-32)

Ritual Modulations, Liminality, and the Nembutsu Cults in Rural Japan, John W. Traphagan (pp. 33-44)

Embodying the Past: Gelongma Palmo and Tibetan Nyungne Rituals, Tanya Zivkovic (pp. 45-63)

Counterpoint and Social Belonging: Creator and Creatrix in Southwestern China, Goran Aijmer (pp. 65-81)

Moral Elevations and Traditions: Ancestral Encouragement of Altruism through Ritual and Myth, Craig T. Palmer, Ryan O. Begley, Kathryn Coe, and Lyle Steadman (pp. 83-96)

The Teshuva Bargain: Ritual Healing Performances at Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak's Rallies, Asaf Sharabi and Shlomo Guzmen-Carmeli (p. 97-110)


28.1 (2014)

Speaking Obscenely and Carrying a Big Stick: The Limits of Textuality in Kathmandu's Indrajatra Festival, Michael Baltutis (pp. 1-13)

Possessing Spirits and Bodily Transformation in Zanzibar: Reflections on Ritual, Performance, and Aesthetics, Kjersti Larsen (pp. 15-29)

A.M. Hocart on Ritual: on the quest for Life, Ceremony, Governance and the Bureaucratic State, Charles D. Laughlin (pp. 31-43)

Tears and Ideas: Therapeutic Aspects of “Traditional” Wailing Performance, Tova Gamiliel (pp. 45-63)

Ritualism  Revived: From  Scientia Ritus to Consumer Rites, Kathryn Lofton (pp. 65-76)

Reviving the Dormant Divine: Rituals as Political References in Moogo, Amy Niang (pp. 77-89)

Making Spaces of Maternal Belonging: Waterspirit Dance Rituals in Rural Punu Society, Carine Plancke (pp. 91- 103)


28.2 (2014)

SPECIAL ISSUE: Ritual Creativity, Emotions and the Body, Guest Edited Issue by Anna Fedele and Sabina Magliocco

Introduction: Creativity, Emotions and the Body  1
Sabina Magliocco

The Affective Work of (Non)ritual for HIV Positive Women, South Africa 9
Jone Salomonsen

Reversing Eve’s Curse. Mary Magdalene, Mother Earth and the Creative Ritualization of Menstruation 23
Anna Fedele

The Scars of the Madonna: The Struggle over Abortion in the Example of an American
Post-abortion Pilgrimage to Mary 37
Judith Samson

Liberating Movements: Sensing and Managing Emotions in the Dance of the Spider 51
Åsa Trulsson

Every Minute Out There: Creating Ritual among Swedish Pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela 65
Lena Gemzöe

Ritual Creativity: Why and What For? Examples from Quebec 77
Deirdre Meintel

Comment: Bodies Unbound: Creativity, Ritual, and the Mindful Body 93
Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (Strathern)

Recent Publications 95


29.1 (2015)

The Minute-of Silence as Solidarity and Individuation: A conceptual Model of an Israeli Ritual, 1
Michal Ephratt

A Meeting of Life and Death: Ritual and Performance at the Ohel, the Grave of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, 21
Stefanie Halpern

Ethnic Movement, Village Development, and Functional Religion: A Not Entirely Successful Re-Structuring of Sakizaya Ritual, 35
Shiun-wey Huang

Children’s Perspectives on Ritual and its Responsibilities among the Sa’dan Toraja of Sulawesi (Indonesia), 49
Roxana Waterson

Book Review: Blood Expiation in Hittite and Biblical Ritual: Origins, Context and Meaning, Yitzhaq Feder, 71
Andrea L. Robinson


29.2 (2015)

On Scorpions, Birds and Snakes — Evidence for Shamanism in Northern Mesopotamia
during the Early Holocene, 1
Marion Benz and Joachim Bauer

Unpuzzling an Aporia: Theorizing Acts of Ritual and Medicine in South India, 25
Anthony Cerulli

Religious Ritual, Place, and Family: Vietnamese-American Buddhists in Southern California,45
Shampa Mazumdar and Sanjoy Mazumdar

Will the Real Ancestor Please Stand Up? Ritual and the Social Construction of Ancestors,
Kami, and Goblins in Japan, 57
E. Leslie Williams

Some Reflections on E. Leslie Williams, 71
John W. Traphagan

Recent Publications


30.1 (2016)

Geoffrey Samuel, Ann R. David, and Santi Rozario, 1

The Multiple Meanings and Uses of Tibetan Ritual Dance: Cham in Context
Geoffrey Samuel with Ann R. David, 7

Dance, Ritual And Thunder Dragons: Exploring Cultural Politics and National Identities
Ann R. David and Geoffrey Samuel, 25

Dancing and Fighting for an “Enlightened Society”: The Dochula Druk Wangyel Festival and the Symbolic Aspects of the SecondDuar War in Bhutan
Tetsu Nagasawa, 37

Reclaiming National Space, Rejuvenating Local Place: The Cham at the Kye Monastery in Spiti Latika Gupta, 49

Attukal Pongala: The "Everydayness" in a Religious Space
Darshana Sreedhar, 63

Adaptation and Incorporation in Ritual Practices at the Golden Temple, Amritsar
Navtej  K. Purewal and Virinder S. Kalra, 75

Transformation of the Cult of St Anthony of Padua in a Popular Centre of Pilgrimage in Rural Bangladesh
Santi Rozario, 89

The Performance of Ritual Identity among Gurungs in Europe
Sondra L.Hausner, 99

Book Review: Liturgical Subjects: Christiain Ritual, Biblical Narrative, and the Formation of the Self in Bysantium (Derek Krueger)
Jaimie Gunderson, 109

Ritual Studies: New Paths?
Angelo Cardita, 111

Recent Publications


30.2 (2016)

Ritual and Recognition of Divine Presence in North India
Carter Higgins

The Mioritic Wedding: A Creative Ritual Solution to an Existential Crisis
Gheorghiţa Geana

The Lost Child: Age and Gender in Ritual in Southern Spain
Willy Jansen and Henk Driessen

Spiritual Rambling: Long Distance Wilderness Sojourning as Meaning-Making
Kip Redick

Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Negotiating the Ritual Marketplace on Contemporary Cheju Island, South Korea  
Kyoim Yun

Awards Assemblies in Greek Education as Elevation Ceremonies
Luciana Benincasa

Recent Publications


31.1 (2017)

Ritual, Resistance, Rebellion? Disaster Volunteer Experiences in Japan
Susanne Klien

Discursive, Iconic, and Somatic Perspectives on Ritual
Margo Kitts

"The Roar of Thunder and the Sweetness of a Woman": Gender Construction and Ritualized Acts in Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century American Revivalism
Leah Payne

This Kind Only Comes Out by Prayer (and Fasting): Fasting, Ritual Efficacy and Magical Thinking in Early Christianity
Brandon Walker

Northrop Frye and Jane Ellen Harrison
Robert D. Denham

Rice in the Imaginary World of the Western Angami Naga
Goran Aijmer

Recent Publications


31.2 (2017)

Performed Ritual Space: Manifestation of Ritual Space through Flagellation in Mumbai Muharram
Reza Masoudi Nejad

Interrituality as a Means to Perform the Art of Building New Ritual
Anne-Christine Hornborg

A Contested Ritual of Unity: The Herero Red Flag Day
Walter van Beek, Jan-Bart Gewald and Phanuel Kaapama

'Hamlet worship' (cung xom) in Ho Chi Minh City: The ritual construction of identity and the meaning of home in the context of urban-rural migration and the celebration of Tet
Patrick McAllister

Sexuality, Magic(k) and the Ritual Body: A Phenomenology of Embodimnt and Participation in a Modern Magical Ritual
Damon Lycourinos

Book Reviews


32.1 (2018)

Rituals in Medicine: The Morbidity and Mortality Conference, Ye Kyung Song

Rhythms as Cohesive Force: Ritual, Body, and Sense in the 5 Rhythms Movement Practice, Doerte Weig

They Died in Blood: Morality and Communitas in Ewe Ritual, Eric J. Montgomery

Ritual as a Treatment for Domestic Violence, Elizabeth Fisher

Odysseas, Victoria and the School Parade on Greek National Holidays: Between Boundaries and Borders, Luciana Benincasa


32.2 (2018)

The Transformation of the Prophet Moses Festival in Late Ottoman Jerusalem (1850-1917): From Traditional Pilgrimage to Civil Ritual
Awad Halabi

The Two Bodies of the President: A Semio-Anthropological Analysis of the Two Personalities of Nicolas Sarkozy
Pascal Lardellier

Having Faith in Ceuta: Error and Ethnics in Rituals of/for Convivencia in a Spanish Enclave in Northern Africa
Brian Campbell

Individual Expressions of Familial Rituals: Buddhist and Anglican Ways of Paying Respect to Ancestors in Contemporary Hong Kong
Mariske Westendorp

Fields of Ritual Practice: Disturbances and Creations
Andrew Strathern and Pamela J. Stewart (Strathern)


33.1 (2019)

Special Issue, Tracing Associations in Pilgrimage and Festival: Applications of Bruno Latour’s Actor-Network Theory to Ritual Studies
Guest Edited Issues by Jens Kreinath

Introduction to Tracing Associations in Pilgrimage and Festival: Applications of Bruno Latour’s Actor-Network Theory to Ritual Studies
Jens Kreinath

The Festival Politics of Recognition: Pluralized Ritual-like Performances of the Polish Woodstock Festival
Grzegorz Brzozowski

Indigenizing by the Assembling Actos of Riddu Riddu’s Ritual / Spectacle
Graham Harvey

Associations and Agents in the Ritual Critique of Power and Behavior: Nema Kundum
Avudwɛne Ceremony
Samuel Etikpah

Tracing Tombs and Trees as Indexes of Saint Veneration Rituals: Bruno Latour’s Actor-Network Theory and Hidirellez Festival in Hatya, Turkey
Jens Kreinath

A Response to Tracing Associations in Pilgrimage and Festival: Applications of Bruno Latour’s Actor-Network Theory to Ritual Studies
Sarah M. Pike


33.2 (2019)

Hope and Energy at the Arafura Sea Shore, by Ross Gordon and Sonny Ananias Djonler

The Possible Effectiveness of Paul's Interventions in dealing with the schismata in the Corinthian ekklesia: A Riutal Perspective, by Samuel Victor Mpereh

Preserving the Boundaries of an Immigrants' Ethnic Tradition via a Ritual System, by Rachel Sharaby

Toward a Ritual Theory of Hair Care: Reflections on How Aesthetics Mediates Relationship between Self, Other, and World, from an Americn Hairstylist, by Amanda J.G. Napior

The Girls with the Headscarf: Unintended reverse discrimination at the school parade on Greek national hoildays, by Luciana Benincasa


34.1 (2020)

Ritual insecurity, liminality and identity. Differing migration trajectoies and their impact on Buddhist ritual in a Lao migrant community in Berlin, by Patrice Ladwig and Nicole Reichert

Ritual, Resistance and Social Transformation: Politics and Poetics of the Gaijatra Festival, by Jiva Nath Lamsal

Embodying the Dead: Ritual as Preventative Therapy in Chinese Ancestor Worhsip and Funerary Practices, by Ori Tavor

How to Mourn the Grievous and Distant Death: Efficacy of Irei Pilgrimages and Rituals by the Okinawa Repatriates from the Colonial Marianas, by Taku Suzuki.

"Fazendo tudo certinho": socialization, performance, and identity in the ritual of Brazilian engagement, by Breno Alencar.


34.2 (2020)

The Shifting Nature of Ritual Practies in Marshall Islanders' Christianity, by Laurence Marshall Carucci

The Foundation of Anthropology to Ritual Studies, by Mark Beumer

Liturgy, Performance Theory, and Aesthetic Experience, by Emma O'Donnell Polyakov

Muslimah in Mourning: Examining Muslim Women's Access to the Islamic Cemetery, by Tahmina Tariq

The Evolvment of the Ritual of the Lord's Supper: An Historical Investigation, by Youssry Guirguis