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Uni. of Pittsburgh WHO CC and Library of Alexandria Environmental Health Supercourse (Beta version)

Translating Environmental science into the classrooms of the world

The Supercourse represents a global network of 64,000 primarily academic Scientists. There are 7109 .gov members or which  13 are from the EPA.  This is a network where individuals cross disciplines effectively share knowledge with each other and with Academia, for example in the H1N1 outbreak, Hurricane Rita, and the Tsunami.  Interoperability is very much needed.  We achieve interoperability and information exchange across disciplines using a simple, but powerful approach.  We collected 3723 of the best lectures on environmental health, global health and prevention. 

Supercourse lectures on  Environmental Health (about 550 lectures)

Environmental health sites on Spanish, Russian and Arabic languages

 Ministry of protection of environment (Mexico) -

US Government links to Environmental Health lectures (13,811 lecture links)

     EPA Homepage  The central agency for environmental health in the US is the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA. Within the EPA there are branch agencies that need to operate together. The EPA  also needs to work together vertically, with scientists at the local level, the state level, the national level and globally. It also has to work with other scientific groups horizontally such as CDC, NIH, Academia, USGS, the military, etc. Because of the many diverse and separated environmental scientific groups, this is difficult to achieve.  We believe that one partial answer for environmental health to help build Interoperability is a Supercourse for Environmental scientists. There are 1710 EPA members E-mails at Supercourse list so far.

Other domains (.edu, .org, .int, .mil - 58,978 lecture links)    

Supercourse lectures from EPA members

Lectures from EPA grantees (not constructed yet)      Google trends for e.g. NASA, EPA, USGS, NOAA, NIH, etc. (not uploaded yet)

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Global Environmental Health (GEH) newsletter and subscription instructions can be viewed at the
following link:

Supercourse of Science (more than 4,738,377 lecture links)

Environmental Health -117,725 lecture links on Environmental Health lectures

Environment Issues  - 3,309,849 lecture links on Environmental Issies lectures

     HEALTH EFFECTS OF HAZARDOUS AIR POLLUTANTS -1,307 links to Power Point lectures on the basis of the list of fact sheets for hazardous air pollutants is at

      HEALTH EFFECTS OF TOXIC SUBSTANCES - 4,320 Links to Power Point lectures on the basis of ATDSR list includes for each toxic substance

EPA Popular Topics -- 29,455 Power Point lectures for terms and keywords that EPA Web visitors frequently search for.

How to Join the Supercourse Faculty?

This page in   Spanish    Arabic    Russian  (not uploaded yet)

Golden Lecture of Environmental Health  (not constructed yet)

Environmental Health Curricula  (not constructed yet)

Link to this Environmental Health Supercourse from NASA web site

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Environmental Health

AP Environmental Science Online Course



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