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How to Join the Supercourse Faculty

The Supercourse is an Internet-based distance learning material for health-related (medical, nursing, dental, veterinary, etc.) students who are beginners in Epidemiology, Global Health and the Internet. You can utilize the Supercourse for training your students.
You can contribute to the Supercourse as a reviewer, lecture developer, or translator as well.

Please let us know about youself by filling in the information below. We will add you to the Supercourse mailing list, and send you updated information every few weeks.

Return your infformation by clicking the submit button at the bottom of this page.

1. First name:
2. Last name:
3. Address 1:
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5. Country:
6. E-mail:
7. Position:
8. Organization:
9. What is your research or professional speciality?
Speciality 1:
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10. Would you use parts of the Supercourse for either training or research? Yes
Not decided

11. Would others in your region use the Supercourse? Yes
I don't know

12. Would you be willing to review a lecture? Yes

13. Would you be willing to translate a lecture? Yes

14. Would you be willing to develop a lecture? Yes
15. If your answer is yes, on what topic?
Topic 1:
Topic 2:
Topic 3:
16. How did you learn about the Supercourse?
From my colleague or friend
Forwarded Supercourse newsletter
Via mailing list, online group, list-serv, etc.
At school/college
While surfing or searching on the Internet
Other (please specify)    

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