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  "How to" iPhone, iPad, use Droid, Applications (iPhone, iPad), Facebook, Skype, Twitter

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"How to" iPhone, iPad, use Droid,

Applications (iPhone, iPad), Facebook,

Skype, Twitter


How to iPhone


[PDF] iPhone User's Guide.pdf - iPhone User Guide

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

The iPhone User Guide, optimized for viewing on iPhone, is available at ... View the guide on iPhone: In Safari, tap , then tap the iPhone User Guide ... - Similar



Beginner iPhone Tips and Tricks

Get to know your new iPhone a little quicker with these helpful tips and tricks.

by About | 1 month ago | 12 views





How To: Tether Apple iPad To iPhone 3G/3GS With MyWi App

Just a simple guide on how to tether your iPad to your iPhone 3G/3GS internet connection. The speeds you see from the tether are basically the ...

by WadeTheKid | 8 months ago | 14,855 views





Visit for all your tutorial needs! Add us on facebook at

by HowToiPhone | 2 years ago | 1,768,159 views




How to Use an Apple iPhone : How to Insert a SIM Card in an ...

Learn how to insert a SIM card in an iPhonealong with the other great features that come with it in this free computers and modern electronics ...

by expertvillage | 2 years ago | 409,063 views



How to reboot the iPhone 4 Rebooting your iPhone 4 is a common task that may need to be carried out when the phone freezes, leaving you stuck and unable to ...

by mahalodotcom | 6 months ago | 27,563 views






How to iPad


iPad User Guide (For iOS 4.2 Software)

November 22, 2010 - 23 MB

(manual also attachment)


iPad Guided Tours

Learn about the revolutionary iPad. 
Watch the new guided tours.

by Apple | 9 months ago | 392,395 views



How to transfer microsoft word documents to ipad pages app How to transfer your microsoft documents to ipad pages app. This video is for those who are new to the ipad. If your a ...

by trusoljahs | 8 months ago | 27,616 views






How To Get Flash on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

In this video, I teach you how to view flash content on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad! It is really simple and there is no hacking required. All ...

by DangleKingPC | 6 months ago | 107,923 views



How to use Droid


[PDF] download the complete 54 page PDF - User Guide

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

Oct 3, 2009 ... DROID by Motorola gives you a premium browsing and messaging experience with the very latest from. Google™, all in a thin touch QWERTY ... - Similar




Android OS Beginners Guide

Here's a video I made with beginners in mind. This is primarily made for a person who has never owned an android device before and is just ...

by megajon1987 | 8 months ago | 1,847 views



“How to” applications (iPhone, iPad)




iPhone Applications

In this video, I discuss iPhone Applications and their usefulness. Apps can be obtained from

by iobuffa | 3 years ago | 1,464,309 views


(advanced video below)


Developing iPhone Applications using Java

Google Tech Talks October 14, 2008 ABSTRACT Apple's iPhone has resulted in significant interest from users and developers alike. Apple's SDK for ...

by GoogleTechTalks | 2 years ago | 144,913 views


Essentials of Mobile App Development



How to Facebook



How to Use Facebook : How to Create & Build a Facebook Profile

Learn how to create and build a Facebook profile in this free educational video clip. Expert: Melissa Schenk Bio: Shopping for gifts doesnt have ...

by expertvillage | 2 years ago | 36,722 views




How To Use Facebook Ads

This video will show you how to set up a Facebook Ads campaign to promote your Facebook Application, website or Facebook Page. This video was ...

by podclass | 3 years ago | 22,438 views




How to use Facebook on your iPhone

Have a Facebook account? Would you like to know what's going on while you're away from your computer? It's fun and easy to do with Facebook for ...

by butterscotchcom | 1 year ago | 1,934 views




Facebook for iPad

If you enjoyed this video please like, comment, and subscribe! FRIENDLY- FACEBOOK BROWSER TWAZZUP TWITTER ...

by MacOSXTutorials12 | 5 months ago | 9,139 views


How to SKYPE


 (no sound)


How to Use Skype: A Video Tutorial

[See More] Although Skype states their VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) application is relatively "easy to download, install and use ...

by randytyler | 4 years ago | 421,699 views



How to Twitter



Twitter | How to Use Twitter | Twitter Basics

Grab your free 7 Day Social Media e-Course at This video describes how to use Twitter. Twitter is a free Social Messaging ...

by grntraining101 | 2 years ago | 21,893 views


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