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Many new terms are needed in this tecnology that are never taught in parasitology, among which are: Reverse osmosis treated, Filtered, Distilled, Micro-filtered, Filtered through an absolute 1 micron or smaller filter, Carbon-filtered, "One micron absolute," Particle-filtered, Multimedia-filtered, Ozonated, Ozone-treated, Ultraviolet light-treated, Activated carbon-treated, Carbon dioxide-treated, Ion exchange-treated, Deionized, Purified, Chlorinated.

Is bottled water a harmless fad or a scarey farce? Bottled water labels reading "well water," "artesian well water," "spring water," or "mineral water" do not guarantee that the water does not contain crypto. However, water that comes from protected well or protected spring water sources is less likely to contain crypto than bottled water or tap water from less protected sources, such as rivers and lakes, or simply the civic tap water. Many companies run tap water through some deionization, bottle and sell it.

In Latin America, the labels of bottled water do not have the process used, neither do they give the content. CocaCola sells water named Ciel at a higher price than coke.