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Note: Russian and Ukrainian text at Readings is available with Cyrillic Windows fonts

  Ledoshchuk Boris Alexandrovich was born in 1946 in Russia. In 1970 graduated from Blagoveschensk Medical Institute, where also studied some post-graduated courses. In 1975 1978 worked in the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Sciences of USSR in Novosibirsk. Took part in scientific epidemiological studies of Far-East and Siberia regions inhabitants. In 1978 1985 possessed various positions in medical institutions of Nikolaev region (Ukraine).
    In 1986 1988 worked at the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine where was responsible for rehabilitation program of the population of Chernobyl contaminated area. Since 1988 heads scientific leukemia epidemiology laboratory of the Radiation Medicine Scientific Center. In 1995 2000 headed the Medical Department of the Ministry of Atomic Energy. Since 27 April 1986 was involved in clean-up works in the Chernobyl area. One of the leading specialists in the problems of automatic systems of long-term medical monitoring of people damaged in result of Chernobyl accident (State Registry of Ukraine). Author of more than 100 scientific articles and works on the problems of epidemiology, automatic systems of registration and radiation medicine. Prominent participant of international epidemiology projects: AIFIKA, Chernobyl, Leukemia.

From 2004 - Head, Department of Social medicine and Postgraduated Training, National Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine