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Now, I will give an overview of how GPHIN works on a daily basis.
1.Information is gathered from a multitude of media sources, e.g.internet, news sources (Reuters)
2.Approximately, 500-600 news articles are selected using Health Canada’s established search criteria.
3.These selected articles are disseminated immediately to the GPHIN system where further filtering of duplications and irrelevants and the categorization of articles into GPHIN’s seven subject areas. This automated process only takes a couple of seconds.
At this time, the filtered articles can be viewed by users.
Both steps 1 and 2 is on-going on a 24/7 basis.
4.Human review is still needed to ensure the relevancy of information and the quality of GPHIN’s content.
GPHIN analysts therefore, review all filtered articles for subject relevancy resulting in approximately 400-500 articles posted on the GPHIN system daily.