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“ITIC Mandate

§ITIC's mandate and functions evolved and expanded over the years. Initially, ITIC was given the general mandate of mitigating the effects of Tsunamis throughout the Pacific by supporting Member States of the ICG/ITSU in developing and improving preparedness for tsunamis by monitoring and seeking to improve the Tsunami Warning System for the Pacific; by gathering and disseminating knowledge on tsunamis, and fostering tsunami research; by bringing a knowledge of the Tsunami Warning System and ITIC to non-member states, and information on how to become participants through ICG/ITSU; and by conducting post-disaster surveys for the purpose of documentation and understanding of the tsunami disaster. Later, the functions and responsibilities of ITIC were expanded to include a number of other tsunami disaster preparedness and education activities, aimed at disaster reduction.


ITIC Functions

§Additional ITIC functions include: a) Insuring the dissemination of tsunami watches and warnings and the collection of tsunami information on a real-time basis; b) Giving technical advice on the equipment required for an effective warning system and providing assistance in the establishment of national warning systems; c) Making periodic studies and assessment visits to developing countries in order to evaluate their instrumentation requirements, assess their performance, offer advice as appropriate, and suggest avenues for assistance; d) Evaluating the performance of the Tsunami Warning System with regard to communications, data networks, and the dissemination of warnings; e) Coordinating the development of the observing system which provides the information necessary for the issuance of effective tsunami warnings to those nations wishing to receive such messages.


Research and Data Collection Responsibilities

§ITIC maintains a complete library of publications related to tsunamis. The Centre also maintains a full file of data related to tsunamis as obtained from WDC's and from the real-time Tsunami Warning System, to serve as part of the basis for the information services, materials for visiting scientists, and data compilations and summaries. To accomplish this task, ITIC maintains close contact with IUGG (International Union Of Geodesy and Geophysics) and many other national and international scientific organizations. ITIC continuously monitors the results of current tsunami research in order to find applications which may result in the improvement of the International Tsunami Warning System.


Visiting Scientists Program

§One of the most successful ITIC programs has been the Visiting Scientists Program. With Member States' and UNESCO/IOC support, ITIC conducts this training program by providing facilities at the Centre and by arranging for the exchange of scientists among UNESCO/IOC member countries. ITIC has trained numerous scientists of Member States who, upon returning to their respective countries, train and educate others on tsunami programs and procedures, thus ensuring the continuity and success of the program.


Education, Preparedness and Disaster Reduction.

§With Member States' and UNESCO/IOC support, ITIC organizes and conducts scientific workshops and educational seminars aimed towards tsunami disaster education and preparedness. These training workshops are usually conducted in conjunction with IOC/ITSU meetings which are held every two years in a member state for the purpose of coordinating and reviewing the activities of the International Tsunami Warning System (ITWS).”

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