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Global Health. So near, So far. Short version lecture Uploading date: October 26, 2010

Expanded version

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This lecture is dedicated to the concept of GLOCAL Health-translation of global health from global to local. Global Health Network Supercourse Project is collaborating with the Library of Alexandria in Egypt to develop one of the largest repositories of Global Health Lectures. On the Pittsburgh side, the majority of the work is being done through the WHO Collaborating Centre for disease monitoring and telecommunications, under the direction of Dr. Ronald LaPorte. Dr. Faina Linkov has been in charge of the development and modifying this lecture. The mission of these slides is: 1)Building awareness of global health for faculty and students of medical, public health, and allied health professions; 2) Developing a global health network for students to tackle local to global health problems.  An expanded version of this lecture is available on the Supercourse at  address.


Primary developers:


Ronald LaPorte, PhD, Supercourse developer, USA

Ismail Serageldin, PhD, Library of Alexandria, Egypt

Faina Linkov, PhD, Supercourse developer, USA

Francois Sauer, MD, Supercourse developer, USA

Eugene Shubnikov, MD, Supercourse developer, Russia


And the Global Health Network