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Lifestyle Factors
In the first half of this century people were too busy trying to survive to worry about health as much we do today, much less about how we might practice healthier habits in order to prevent disease. Progress that did occur was brought about through the organization of unions in the workplace, legislatures, and public health ordinances.

Toward the end of the century, in 1990, the Healthy People 2000 report made a call to work toward a culture that actively promotes responsible behavior and the "adoption of life-styles that are maximally conducive to good health” (USDHHS, 1990). Since that time, there is more and more concrete evidence indicating that practicing healthy habits can significantly decrease our chances of developing chronic disease. Therefore, of all the health determinants that we have discussed, lifestyle factors are among the most controllable and influential factors influencing our health. The next hour of this module will give in-depth information on the most health-related lifestyle factors.