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The Amman Declaration on Health Promotion continued

First: Health is a blessing from God, which many people do not appreciate, as is mentioned in the hadith.

Second: Health is but one element of life, and cannot be complete unless the other major elements are provided, including: freedom, security, justice, education, work, self-sufficiency, food, water, clothing, housing, marriage and environmental health.

Third: People can preserve their health, as enjoined in the Quran, by maintaining a moderate health balance in a state of dynamic equilibrium, neither exceeding the bounds, nor falling short in that balance.

Fourth: Every human being is in possession of a certain health potential, which they must develop in order to enjoy complete well-being and ward off disease, as is mentioned in the hadith.

Fifth: The lifestyles followed by human beings have a major impact on their health and well-being.

Sixth: Islamic lifestyles embrace numerous positive patterns promoting health and rejecting any behaviour which is contradictory to health.

Seventh: Islam, as defined in the Quran, is the natural course of life which God has bestowed on humanity. Hence, adhering to Islamic lifestyles is, in itself, a realization of the true nature of the human being, and ensures harmony with the laws of God in body and soul, in the individual, the family and community, and between human beings and their environment.

Eighth: The document appended to this Declaration comprises a list of the Islamic lifestyles derived from the Quran and the sunna of the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, and affecting health development and human development in general. It comprises an integral part of this Declaration.

Ninth: The Consultation calls upon all international organizations, governments, voluntary and nongovernmental organizations to promote health by encouraging positive lifestyles.

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