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What Does it Mean to be NIOSH-Approved?

All respirators used in healthcare settings must be approved by NIOSH and are thoroughly evaluated and tested by NIOSH to meet strict federal safety requirements. To receive NIOSH approval, respirators must adhere to established standards of quality and performance. Only then will NIOSH authorize a respirator manufacturer to use the NIOSH name in block letters or a NIOSH logo. Manufacturers must have and maintain an established quality program that ensures that their products meet the NIOSH requirements.

Markings on a NIOSH-approved filtering facepiece respirator may appear on the facepiece itself or on the straps. If a filtering facepiece respirator has approval markings, but is not on the NIOSH table of approved filtering facepiece respirators, it is likely to be either a counterfeit product or a respirator that has had its certification revoked or rescinded by NIOSH. If there is no TC number on the respiratorís packaging, the user instructions, or the product itself, it is not NIOSH-approved. If you are unsure of your respiratorís approval status, you can call NIOSH at 412-386-4000.