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National average IFR variation well over an order of magnitude
Range from 0.06% (Uganda) to 1.2% (Japan)
Clear regional separation of mortality and predicted spread of infections
South America showing infections spread 20-40%
Europe and North America with infections spread 2-20%
Significant internal European variability
Sub-Saharan Africa very low levels of infection spread (<2%) with exception South Africa which has much higher age distribution
Limited infection spread in East Asia and SE Asia (<5%)
Hypothesised proportion of population infected mostly higher than reported sero-prevalence data
Explanations, other than spread of infection, for regional variations in mortality levels might be a combination of: data imperfections, seasonal variations, variability in public health controls, differences in level of prior immunity from exposure to other seasonal coronaviruses, socio-economic differences, and prevalence of other co-morbidities