Hello Greg,
I read your review and tests one and two and have a few suggestions and
comments. Our DeoxIT, ProGold and PreservIT are not designed as
lubricants. Heavy and thick lubricants on connectors and contacts may seem
to be the optimum coating for metal contact surface protection, but the
negative results are gumming, plastic contamination and dust attraction.
Our products are designed to be very thin coatings. Our website
(www.caig.com) has a "CAIG ESSENTIALS" flash tutorial that will explain the
products briefly - and will give product recommendations by industry.

Our DeoxIT Power Booster will deoxidizes, clean and protect the surface -
also enhance and improve conductivity. The ProGold is ideal for gold
surfaces and will improve conductivity, protect the outer surfaces and
molecularly bond to the base metals - preventing dendrite corrosion -
important in computer and other sensitive electronic devices. PreservIT
provides extended protection - ideal for harsh environments. CaiLube MCL
is for conductive plastics and carbon-based controls - great for conductive
membranes, as in mouse pads.

You will find that our DeoxIT will not deoxidizes as fast as the
Contaclean, but will protect the surface better and will not varnish or
gum-up. Stabilant 22 is a good lubricant enhancer, but will not
clean/deoxidize and is not designed for moving surfaces or dis-similar
metals. If a connection is moved, it requires reapplication. If it is
under vibration, the coating will separate away. DeoxIT, ProGold and
PreservIT is ideal for moving surfaces and will re-seal the exposed

We offer our products in many different applicators (spray, nonflammable
sprays, pen, needle, wipes, brush, etc.) to assist the technical to apply
the products carefully and in an environmentally safer way. The dye is
just a trace and provides no active ingredient. In the aerosols we have
reduced the dye content, providing just a hint of color.

You can visit our website (http://www.caig.com) for additional information:
1) In the "Information Links" box, select the Product and Technical links.
Lots of information in all areas. 2) In the "Support" box, select our
Knowledgebase link. This are includes many answers to common questions.
Type in the "Search" box "rule of thumb" for a quick answer to your

Hope this adds some valuable info on our products and their uses.