I wanted to try a second test, one, to duplicate the first test using

Caig D100 diluted by me, and Caig Cramolin R-100 diluted by me. This R-100 stuff

is over ten years old and doesn't have that candy smell it once had.

I also tested Contaclean and Bullfrog, and Permatex battery cleaner, and Tarn-X.

I tried some tests using various copper boards, and it was apparent the kind and degree

of oxidation could make testing very hard. I wasn't getting much of anything trying

to shine slighty shaded copper. I also tried a silver sheet, with about the same luck.

I took a brass and copper sheet, exposing them to some acid fumes for a few hours from

some stop bath acid. I redid the tests. on brass, Cramolin Contaclen was the winner, followed

by Stabilant then Bullfrog. My mixtures of Caig D5 and Caig Cramolin R-100 came in approximately

the same, with a slight edge to D5. Cramolin Contaclean did the best by far, except for the contact cleaner

killers, Tarn-X and Permatex battery cleaner. Tarn=X performed much better than the Permatex

but both of these are much better than standard contact cleaners. I found the alcohol cleaned

off these pretty well. Water is the usual cleaning method.

I also found most of the "green" on the copper washes off with plain water. Might want to wash

off these deposits before trying anything else on you contacts.

Most of the cleaners that contained some type of semi permanant lubricant or other, did a better

job of cleaning generally, but not necessarily. I'm not going to put down the losers, but I

think I have pointed out the winners.

I also want to point out, the Contaclean product seems to have much more of a concentration of

stuff after the initial evaporation of spraying. Perhaps if the other products had more goo,

they might also perform better.

I have to critize many of the sprays I have played with, have poor spray characteristics,

and have uncontrolable sprays. Even on some of the sprays with adjustments, they are still

comming out too fast. I do like the spray on the Contaclean alot.



There was one more point I wanted to clear up.
I wanted to compare Caig ElectricALL(discontinued) to Caig DeoxIT sprays. The ElectricALL is supposed
to be a 10% solution. Well the ElectricALL does seem to come out thicker, and last longer as
a lubricant looking solution. The funny part is its not as red as DeoxIT 5% solution.
I guess that red might just be non essential coloring?? Well the ElectricALL did seem to perform
a little better in my oxide eating contest by a hair. I think if I left it on longer, it would prove
to be even better. The DeoxIT dried up much faster.

A little more! So I took a drop of Caig D100 and a drop of Caig R5. They did clean much better than
the Caig sprays. I don't know the composition of these, if they are the same or what? In the one
test, the R5 seemed a little better, but the results were close.