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Simulation of a Quantum Computer


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Version 1.0: May 8, 2011


This is an update of the QDENSITY package. QCWAVE updates QDENSITY in several ways:

It is a Mathematica 7.0/8.0 package.
It provides improved treatment of states and operators, with more emphasis on state vectors.
It makes use of the slave-master parallel computing feature of Mathematica 7.0/8.0
It introduces a multiverse approach to noise.
It provides a means of studying the affect of noise and of error correction on quantum algoritms
It now includes improved amplitude displays, circuit diagram drawing and Dirac notation features.

The package has been tested using Mathematica 7.0 and 8.0

Earlier versions of QDENSITY are available at:

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 Frank Tabakin
University of Pittsburgh
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Pittsburgh,  PA 15260

Bruno Juliá Díaz
CPAN Consolider-Ingenio Postdoc
Departament de Estructura i Constituents de la Materia
Universitat de Barcelona
Diagonal 647
08028 Barcelona (Spain)

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Version 1.0

QCWAVE is a Mathematica 7.0-8.0 package which extends the QDENSITY package. The QCWAVE package and associated workbooks can be downloaded by clicking on the following two lines:

additional notebooks will be added as available


We would appreciate it if you would also fill in and submit the QCWAVE guest form.

 Please include your
email address, name and location. The reason for this process is so that a user group can be formed and so that you can be contacted concerning any corrections, additions, etc. In that way,  this project will hopefully be enhanced to everyone's benefit.

We would appreciate any comments, suggestions,
or criticisms.

Thanks for your interest and cooperation.