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Web Examples(WebEx) is a Web-based tool for exploring programming examples. Experienced and novice programmers often use program examples they have created or learned in the past to solve new programming tasks.

  • WebEx maximizes your learning opportunities by
  • Using examples with dissections that provide further explanation when and if students need it
  • Using previously created program examples to solve new tasks
  • Gives students a second chance in understanding programming examples

Support for this project received from an Innovation in Education grant (ACIE) awarded through the Provost's Advisory Council for Instructional Excellence. See the full story in Teaching Times.

Contact(s): Michael Yudelson, Peter Brusilovsky


Use WebEx
Login: username
Register for KnowledgeTree:
  • Create a username, using the first initial of your first name and your family name.
    Ex: Steve Jones = sjones.
  • Create a password. Do not use your University account login or password.


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