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Parameterized and automatic SQL problem generator and evaluator over various sample databases with personalized guidance
A portal for our learning support architecture, providing adaptive access to lecture slides, examples, quizzes and dissections.
A system for learners to annotate online pages by writing notes on the side of the pages and highlighting different part of the text of the page.
Knowledge Sea II
An extension of Knowledge Sea with Social Navigation Support
Knowledge Sea
A tool for locating relevant sections on C programming language in web based texts associated with class lectures.
a Web-based adaptive navigation tool for exploring programming examples.  
a web tool for example-based programming with heterogeneous classes.  
a tool implementing adaptive annotation for C-based self-asessment quizzes  
a tool for serving Web-based parameterized C programming quizzes.  
Extension WADEIn with more interactive learning environment.
An interactive learning environment with adaptive visualization to study expression evaluation in C, C++ and Java programming languages  

[Recent News]
  • Michael Yudelson received 'Best Student Paper Award' in User Modeling 2007 conference, which was held in Corfu, Greece. He wrote the paper titled 'A User Modeling Server for Contemporary Adaptive Hypermedia: an Evaluation of Push Approach to Evidence Propagation' with Dr. Peter Brusilovsky and Dr. Vladimir Zadorozhny. All members of Teaching and LEarning Research Lab congratulate him.
  • Dr. Peter Brusilovsky who is the director of Teaching And LEarning Research Lab, along with Dr. Vladimir Zadorozhny has been awarded a grant by the National Science Foundation to create a "Personalized Exploratorium for Database Courses." Announced on January 10, 2007, this grant will support the development of an innovative tool to encourage students to develop practical SQL skills through the use of interactive, automatically-evaluated exercises and examples. We will build upon a previous project (also NSF-supported) that used interactive exercises for C language programming: the current project will explore the value of interactive exercises in the context of Database courses.

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