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Personalized Exploratorium for Database Courses

This project is developing an innovative tool that allows Information Science students to develop practical SQL skills through the use of interactive automatically evaluated exercises and examples.

Adaptive Explanatory Visualization for Learning Programming Concepts

In this project, we explore adaptive explanatory visualization as a technology to teach programming concepts. The project investigates the value of this new technology for better understanding of programming concepts and the feasibility of implementing adaptive explanatory visualization for practical languages using modern approaches to student modeling and explanation generation.

Supporting Learning from Examples in a Programming Course

This project is developing tools for interactive example explorations and investigates the value of these tools to support example-based programming and learning in programming-related classes.

Map-Based Access to Open Corpus Information

This project is about the personalized information access using maps and landmarks.

Educational Software for Teaching and Learning Information Retrieval

The goals of this project is to develop, organize, and distribute interactive software tools to improve instruction in the field of information retrieval

Individualized Exercises for Assessment and Self-Assessment of Programming Knowledge

Individualized web application for questions and exercises.

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