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Contact Information


Neil H. Timm

Professor, Research Methodology Program

Department of Psychology in Education

School of Education  
University of Pittsburgh

TEL: (352) 259-5921


Email address: timm@pitt.edu


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Scholarship interests before retirement included the theory and application of multivariate and univariate linear models, multivariate statistical methodologies, management information systems, policy analysis, and modeling.


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  1. Applied Multivariate Analysis (published by Springer-Verlag (2002), click here for overview). For Errata, click on (1) under Book Errata.
  2. Univariate & Multivariate General Linear Models, Second Edition (published by Taylor & Francis/CRC Press (2007), click here for overview). For Errata, click on (3) under Book Errata. 
  3. Bridge News click here to obtain PDF of � The Two-Over-One Game Force System --- WITH CHAPTERS ON PRECISION (2018), Sixth Edition, Trafford Publishing.
  4. Books by Neil H. Timm on Amazon.com, click here for all book at Amazon discounts.



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Book Errata

  1. Applied Multivariate Analysis -- Springer-Verlag (2002) Errata  
  2. Precison Simplified --- For 2/1 Game Force Players (2011) Errata 





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