Handle PM Client

The Java Handle Performance Monitor Client program is an extension of the Java Handle   Client. The code size is about 500K++ bytes including the Handle libraries. It requires Java J2SE 1.4.0 or a higher version (either JRE or SDK) on Unix/Windows/NT.

Once the client is installed and activated it will communicate to a host site at Maryland several times a day via email. The client will generate up to 150 requests per hour and generate a maximum workload of about 20 MBytes of data per hour. This is a similar workload to a browser client and should not overload your network.

The client uses standard Java libraries to connect to the local SMTP mail server to return activity logs to the host site at Maryland.

Please, inform Professor Louiqa Raschid if you plan to install our client. Contact Hui-Fang Wen for technical details about the client and to get user/password information to download the client.

Information to download and install the client is here.

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