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Ph.D., University of Houston (1975), Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences and (534 Salk Hall; 648-8565; FAX 383-7436;


Research conducted in Dr. Vollmer's laboratory is directed at the study of sympathetic nervous system control of cardiovascular function in relation to temperature homeostasis. Experiments in progress are designed to assess the impact of antiobesity agents on the sympathetic neuronal regulation of the heart, blood vessels and adipose tissue (both brown and white fat). The atiobesity agents targeted for study are those that have a demonstrated thermogenic activity. A variety of experimental techniques are being utilized in both conscious and anesthetized animals. These include: hemodynamic monitoring, in vivo microdialysis using a self-designed probe for measurement of intra adrenal catecholamine concentrations and temperature monitoring using impantable telemetry probes. In addition to physiologic variables, biochemical indices of neural activation are being measured such as tissue and plasma catecholamine levels and lipid concentrations in adipose tissue.



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