StormandStress !nterview 11.21.59

'e' equals eric, 'k' equals kevin, increasing numeric vaules equals the web coder.

  1. do you prefer storm&stress or storm and stress?
    e:maybe we would
    k:"storm&stress" because terence ryan, who founded our 'logo', came over once wearing tight pink satin shiny pants and laughed
  2. what does m. mean in m eric topolosky?
    k:it is an interchanging, pourous, randomly yet heartfully chosen, heralded symbol meaning "the artist formerly known as.."
  3. do you prefer green or yellow? why?
    e:no, red white blue
    k:i am unable to stand behind my preferences as they are deceived and excited by gusts of recurring atoms.
  4. do the steelers need a new stadium?
    e:no they don't
    k:when my friends were all on the football team i thought i'd join too, because they were my friends. unfortunately we also had to play with upper classmen. once, a guy named Sean Miller from Concord, MA(where i went to some high school) hit me in the lip with his fist because i stepped on his toe. i found football to be silly, then, and went back to playing the drums.
  5. has the retirement of mario lemiux reflected on storm&stress' music or lyrics?
    k:i don't believe in the retirement of sports "stars"
  6. mac or ibm?
  7. according to jane magazine, one could live on $49.50 worth of food without double coupons for a week, could you sustain for less on alcohol?
    e:I don't think Jane asked
    k:the 2 times i drank in my life, i noticed i was bored and sad to begin with and felt worse in the end. when i'm sad now, i look at bunny rabbits or draw pictures of frog's with antlers, or find twigs to hold...then i am quickly happy and enjoying myself
  8. are hanson doomed?
    e:I have no opinion about that
    k:no, they've been a successful business venture, which is what they wanted.
  9. did you ever have braces?
    e:I don't
    k:no, but an orthodontist tried to convince me to get braces before my teeth had fully grown in - i found him obvious and greedy.
  10. have you ever thought about becoming a professional ping-pong player?
    e:I've already done that but you never know there could be a comeback
    k:i remember once ian had his pants down and smashed a ping pong table - with terence ryan, i believe
  11. how many different hair styles have you had during your lifetime?
    k:i am my own hair style
  12. how would you fix pittsburgh parking problem downtown?
    e:Pittsburg parking problem downtown is already fixed
    k:break into people's cars and hide in the back seat. when the owner comes and puts their key in the ignition, i would pee on them while throwing copies of "how to make friends and impress people" in their faces while brandy lights up a fast paced bulgarian wedding song in 11/8 on a cazoo.
  13. what time do you usually wake up?
    e:that's not your business
    k:6 a.m. when the air is freshest and the sky is bluest
  14. what time do you usually go to sleep?
    e:the same
    k:when i get sleepy
  15. have you ever been to IKEA? how many times?
    e:we use both
    k:i remember a bunch of ikea catalogues people would show me from time to time. later, i had to buy furniture for myself in boston and visited ikea. within about 2 months, all the furniture i bought broke through moderate usage. like, why did they have all those catalogues?
  16. have you ever called AAA when you were locked out of your vehicle?
    e:I'm not sure but maybe in the winter
    k:my vehicle is my soul, which, for better or for worse, i am never locked out of
  17. do you like to turn up the bass in your vehicle and cruise around on murray ave?
    e:sounds like fun but I don't know where that is
    k:i like to peruse myself in the mirror while being pelted with jello cubes and rocks from all sides while listening to someone read illbient d.j. culture drum n' bass literature or the like through a few marshall stacks
  18. how expensive do you think a public college will be in the year 2000?
    e:if its not here than I'd say no
    k:hopefully not too much
  19. what was the first smiths song you ever heard?
    e:I'm sure they haven't heard us
    k:"good times for a change seems the luck i've had can make a good man bad oh for once in my life let me get what i want lord knows it would be the first time i haven't had a dream in a long time and the ones i've had could make a door man sad oh for once in my life let me let me let me get what i want this let me get what i want this time lord knows it would be the first time" something like that
  20. for this question, ask yourself a question and answer it.
    e:they are stupid questions but I usually expect that from college kids
    k:who is your favorite drummer? Brandy Auld Use BACK button to return to main page