Digital Literacy & Education Conference
Saturday, November 12, 2011
Falk laboratory school                                                                                                         4060 Allequippa Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15261

The Western Pa Writing Project, the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Education and the Falk Laboratory School are pleased to invite  educators, students, parents, youth workers and community stakeholders to participate in a one-day conference designed to ignite conversations about teaching and learning in the age of 21st-century literacies. Please join us for a day of inquiry, play, critical engagement and discussion.

Conference features include:

  1. *Hands-on workshops – K-College teachers will share new classroom‐tested practices and student samples

  1. *A Digital Maker Faire inviting teachers and youth to collaborate, construct and digitally describe an artifact

  1. *A keynote address by Sara Kajder on “Creating a Space to Play and Learn with Digital Technologies”

  1. *Educational Resources!

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Teaching Digital Youth

How do we teach reading and writing in the digital age? 

How might we re-imagine, reformulate and refine our teaching practices to meet the needs of students immersed in new media, micro-blogging, and social networking?

Why it Matters

A Vision of Students Today

A Vision of K-12 Students Today

Digital Media & Learning

Are Kids Different...?