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We are a research group at the Department of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh. We are made of a mixture of synthetic chemists, natural product isolation specialists, biochemists and microbiologists. We are interested in the discovery and functional study of broadly defined natural products using synthetic chemical, biological and genomics-guided approaches. The natural products of our current focus belong to the family of oligosaccharides and small molecular secondary metabolites of microbial origins that exhibit broad functional roles in mammalian and microbial physiology. These molecules serve as the catalyst to drive the discovery cycle between chemistry, biology and medicine in our laboratory. For the latest discovery occurring within the group, please refer to our recently published papers.

We are always interested in having motivated postdoctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students to join our research group to explore the beauty of natural products beyond the traditionally defined boundary of chemistry. Opportunities and requirements to join the lab are listed in the section of position.

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