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Welcome to the Medical Device Manufacturing Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh

Current research interests include metallic biomaterials, vascular devices, prosthetics and micro-bio-systems, as well as fundamental implantable medical device associated biocompatibility. Specifically, the work in the area of


  • Designing and Manufacturing Medical Devices for Treating Vascular Diseases
  • Study on Artificial Biomaterials and Bio-hybrid Composites
  • Micro Fabrication and Nanoscale Characterization
  • Studies on Hemocompatible Surface Modification of Biomaterials
  • In-vitro tests: Device functionality, Hemocompatibility, Infammatory Response
  • Investigation on Hemodynamics using MEMS transducer arrays
  • In-vivo Animal Testing and Post-mortem Examination



The Medical Device Manufacturing Laboratory currently invites applications for graduate student researchers (Ph.D.) and postdocs interested in the development of medical devices and their associated studies. Candidates must possess a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or relevant field. Interested parties should send an email including a cover letter describing research interests, a CV, and names and contact information for at least two references. Indication of interests should be sent to


Updated Feb. 27 2018