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New Books

"Susanna," "Jeanie," and "The Old Folks at Home": The Songs of Stephen C. Foster from His Time to Ours, by William W. Austin (2nd edition, Urbana and Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1989). xxiv, 422pp., bibliography, index. Paperback $14.95

A Biographical Sketch of Stephen C. Foster [with facsimile reproduction of Charles Copeland's 1887 illustrated edition of Swanee Ribber] by Fletcher Hodges, Jr. (Orlando: Robinson's, Inc., 1958), 52pp., illustrated. Paperback $5.00; Hardback $7.00

Rare and Used Books

Chronicles of Stephen Foster's Family.   by Evelyn Foster Morneweck (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1944). 2 Volumes, 767pp. Hardback. New condition. $50.00

A Treasury of Stephen Foster. Foreward by Deems Taylor. Illustrated by William Sharp. NY: Random House, 1946

Condition report (all the described copies are first editions)

Copy "A" very good, includes slipcover $15.00

Copy "B" good condition, slipcover shows wear, some tearing $10.00

Copy "C" fair condition, slipcover shows wear, torn on spine $9.00

Copy "D" fair conditon, slipcover torn and worn $9.00

Copy "E" no slipcover, crayon on cover $8.00

Copy "F" no slipcover, stained on cover and first pages $5.00

A Pictorial Bibliography of the First Editions of Stephen C. Foster, by James J. Fuld (Philadelphia: Musical Americana, 1957). 25 + [82]pp., illus. Hardback. Many copies available, all in like new condition. $25.00

Stephen Foster America's Troubadour by John Tasker Howard. New York: Tudor Publishing co., 1940. hardback. No dust jacket. $15.00

Stephen Foster America's Troubadour by John Tasker Howard. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, 1934. Hardback. No dust jacket. Cracked spine. First edition. $25.00

Stephen Foster America's Troubadour by John Tasker Howard. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell & Company, 1934. First edition. #9 of 51 copies. Signed by author, Fletcher Hodges, Jr., and Josian K. Lilly, to whom the book was dedicated. $75.00.

Biography, Songs & Musical Compositions of Stephen C. Foster Author of The Old Folks at Home by his Brother Morrison Foster. Pittsburgh: Percy F. Smith, 1896. Reading condition.

Biography, Songs & Musical Compositions of Stephen C. Foster Author of The Old Folks at Home by his Brother Morrison Foster. Pittsburgh: Percy F. Smith, 1896. Broken spine. Loose pages.

Biography, Songs & Musical Compositions of Stephen C. Foster Author of The Old Folks at Home by his Brother Morrison Foster. Pittsburgh: Percy F. Smith, 1896. Broken spine. Loose pages.

Foster Hall Reproductions (complete sets):

Foster Hall Reproductions, Indianapolis, 1934. Three "volumes" contained in three sturdy cloth-covered boxes which are in turn inserted into a three-slot metal slipcase. Each "volume" consists of reproductions of first or early editions of Foster's works, reproduced as they were issued (i.e., sheet music, book, etc.) plus an index. Because of the collection's weight, "unusual" shipping charges would pertain. Multiple sets available. $250.00


Stephen Foster Memorial: Foster Hall Collection Museum and Library (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh, 1991). 12pp. $1.00

The Stephen Collins Foster Memorial: The Inspiration and Approaching Realization of a Memorial Building to Honor "America's Troubadour", (Pittsburgh: Stephen Collins Foster Memorial Committee, 1936). 6pp. $0.25

A Pittsburgh Composer and His Memorial, by Fletcher Hodges, Jr. (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1951; rpt. from Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine, 1938). 32pp., illus. $1.00

The Research Work of the Foster Hall Collection, by Fletcher Hodges, Jr. (Pittsburgh: Pennsylvania Historical Association, 1949; rpt. from Pennsylvania History, 1948. $1.00

Stephen Foster, Democrat, by Fletcher Hodges, Jr. (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1946; rpt. from The Lincoln Herald, 1945). 30pp., illus. $1.00

The Minstrel of the Alleghenies, by Harvey Gaul (Pittsburgh: Friends of Harvey Gaul, 1952; rpt. from Western Pennsylvania Historical Magazine, 1934). 86pp., new introduction. $1.50

The Birthplace of Stephen C. Foster, by Evelyn Foster Morneweck (Pittsburgh: for the author, 1936). $2.00

Near Immortals? Stephen Foster, Edward MacDowell, Victor Herbert, by Edwin N.C. Barnes (Washington: Music Education Publications, 1940), series Tuning in on American Music, no.5. 48pp. $0.50

In Memory of Stephen Collins Foster 1826-1864, by Willard Rouse Jillson (Frankfort, Kentucky: The State Journal Company, 1940). 19pp., illus. $0.25

The Literature on Stephen Foster, by John Tasker Howard (rpt. from Music Library Association Notes, vol. 1 no.2, March 1944). 8pp. $0.10

100 Years of Swanee River, by Irving Caesar (New York: American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, 1951). 13pp. $0.25

Foster Hall Bulletin, no. 12 (last one issued), (Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 1940). 24pp. $0.50

A Singer to Pioneers, John G. Bowman (rpt. from Atlantic Monthly, July 1935). 6pp. $0.20

He Possessed a Strange Talent (Pittsburgh: Stephen C. Foster Memorial, ca. 1930). 8pp. $0.50


Stephen Foster, or Weep No More My Lady, a biographical play with music, by Earl Hobson Smith (Knoxville: The Foster Players, 1926; 4th edition, 1938). 152pp., illustrated, piano-vocal score. Paperback $4.00; Hardback $5.00

Following Foster's Footsteps: A Dramusical in One Act, book by Henry A. Schauffler, music by Gordon Bach Nevin (New York: J. Fischer & Brother, 1933). 66pp., women's voices, piano-vocal score. Paperback $4.00



Stephen Foster:  A Family album. (Amerimusic, 2002), by Douglas Jimerson, Tenor.  CD & reprint of Morrison Foster's, My Brother Stephen.  $15.00

  Song Title Time Price  

Camptown Races

    My Old Kentucky Home    
    Come with thy Sweet Voice Again    
    Old Folks Quadrilles    
    Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair    
    The Merry, Merry Month of May    
    Old Folks at Home    
    Beautiful Dreamer    
    Village Bells Polks    
    Old Dog Tray    
    Nelly Bly    
    Was My Brother in the Battle?    
    The Glendy Burk    
    Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming    
    Old Black Joe    
    Jennie's Own Schottisch    
    Gentle Annie    
    Oh Susanna    

Swanee The Music of Stephen Foster (Los Gatos, CA: Highland Records, 2000), by Joe Weed, CD $15.00

1. Oh, Susanna    
2. Glendy Burk    
3. Old Black Joe    
4. Farewell, My Lilly Dear    
5. Camptown Races    
6. Gentle Annie    
7. Little Annie    
8. Angelina Baker (vocal)    
9. Angelina Baker (instrumental)    
10. My Old Kentucky Home    
11. Old Folks    
12. Nelly Bly    
13. Hard Times, Come Again No More    
14. Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair    
15. Nelly Was a Lady    
16. Beautiful Dreamer

American Dreamer Songs of Stephen Foster (Angel Records, 1992), Thomas Hampson, Molly Mason, Jay Ungar, David Alpher, CD $15.00

1. Opening Solo Violin    
2. Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair    
3. Hard Times Come Again No More    
4. The Voice Of Bygone Days    
5. Foster Favorites Medley (Ring, Ring The Banjo (1851) Oh! Susanna (1848) Camptown Races (1850)    
6. Open Thy Lattice, Love (1844)    
7. Beautiful Dreamer (1864)    
8. That's What's The Matter    
9. Old Home Medley (Old Folks at Home (1851) My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night (1853)    
10. Molly! Do You Love Me? (1850)    
11. Sweetly She Sleeps, My Alice Fair (1851)    
12. Comrades, Fill No Glass For Me (1855)    
13. Dancing On The River (Nelly Bly (1850) The Glendy Burk (1860) Angelina Baker (1850)    
14. My Wife Is A Most Knowing Woman (1863)    
15. Gentle Annie (1856)    
16. Linger In Blissful Repose (1858)    
17. Ah! May The Red Rose Live Alway (1850)

The Complete Piano Works of Stephen Foster, by Sara Davis Buechner. CD $15.00

Three Melodies, transcribed by Elinor Remick Warren:
Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (3:10)
Beautiful Dreamer (3:37)
De Camptown Races (2:09)

Walter Niemann, composer : Louisiana Suite, Op. 97
based on popular Songs from the Southern States of North America
No. 1 The Mississippi Steam-boat's in Sight! (1:20)
No. 2 My Old Kentucky Home (3:43)
No. 3 The Interrupted Serenade (3:34)
No. 4 Longing For Home (2:55)
No. 5 Carnival in New Orleans (2:20)

Stephen Foster : Complete Piano Works
Old Folks at Home (theme and variations) (2:46)
The Old Folks Quadrilles
1. Old Folks at Home (1:11)
2. Oh! Boys, Carry Me Long (1:00)
3. Nelly Bly (1:08)
4. Farewell, My Lilly Dear (1:00)
5. Cane Brake Jig (0:37)

Maria Bach Waltz (0:54)
The Tioga Waltz (2:20)
Soiree Polka (2:07)
The Village Bells (2:27)
The Holiday Schottisch (2:05)
Santa Anna's Retreat from Buena Vista (2:10)

The Stephen Foster Story (Kentucky, 1995), cast album of Bardstown, KY production. Cassette $10.00; CD $15.00

Sheet Music


Music: Vocal

Stephen Collins Foster: Sixty Favorite Songs

Original piano arrangements with updated "modern" lyrics and supplemental materials by Joanna R. Smolko and Steven Saunders. Includes guitar chords. Mel Bay, 2009. $20.00. This title may also be ordered on amazon.com

Songs of Stephen Foster (Standard Edition), ed. W. Earhart, E.B. Birge (Pittsburgh: Foster Hall Collection, various printings 1938-1978), 41 songs, piano-vocal score. Words only (Armed Forces ed.), Pamphlet $1.50

"Long Ago Day," "This Rose Will Remind You," attributed to Stephen Foster (J. Fischer and Brother, 1931). $4.00

Music: Instrumental, Mixed
Foster Hall Reproductions: Songs, Compositions and Arrangements by Stephen Collins Foster (Indianapolis: J.K. Lilly, 1933), indiv. sheet music facsimiles of 201 original editions, unbound. $4.00 per song (please indicate song title; note: not all titles are available); index, 32pp. $1.50

Stephen Foster Melodies, arr. Luis Guzman.

  • Concert band: full score, parts (1935) $25.00
  • Small orchestra: piano-conductor, parts (1938) $20.00
  • Large orchestra: piano-conductor, parts (1938) $20.00
  • Chorus and solo voices or quartet, piano acc. 46pp. (1914) $3.50
[Foster's Melodies],, arr. Raoul George Vidas (Indianapolis: J.K. Lilly, ca. 1935) violin and piano: "Angelina Baker," "Beautiful Dreamer," "Camptown Races," "Gentle Annie," "Glendy Burk," "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair," "My Old Kentucky Home," "Nelly Bly," "Oh! Susanna," "ld Memories," "Sweetly She Sleeps,"; piano solo: "Ah May the Red Rose Live Alway," "Beautiful Dreamer,"; flute, violin, piano: "Slumber My Darling." Sheet Music Score $2.00




Notecard, full-color Gouache portrait of Stephen C. Foster, by John C. Tibbetts (1946), 1990, with envelope $1.30 or 5 for $6.25

Postcards, full color reproductions of sheet music covers for "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair," "Old Folks at Home," "My Old Kentucky Home," and "The Crystal Schottisch." .50 each or 4 for $1.90.

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