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----- Modeling, Optimization and Computational Algorithms



·       I am currently working for the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Pittsburgh (Pitt). Before joining the department, I was teaching at the Department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, University of South Florida (USF), from 2009 to 2015.

Research Topics

-         Mixed Integer Programming (MIP)

-         Robust Optimization and Stochastic MIP

-         Multi-level MIP and Sequential Games:

-         Network Design

-       Energy System Modeling, Optimization and Analysis

-       Network Interdiction and Vulnerability Analysis

-       Supply Chain, Logistics and Transportation System Design

-       Biomedical and Healthcare System Modeling, Operations and Treatment Planning

·        Current and Completed Projects:

-       PI: Collaborative Research: Improving Energy Reliability by Co-Optimization Planning for Interdependent Electricity and Natural Gas Infrastructure Systems, supported by NSF (Jan. 2017 – Dec.2019)

-       PI: A New Computationally Efficient Approach for Discrete Optimization in Hierarchical Decision-Making, supported by NSF (Oct. 2014 – Sept. 2017)

-       Co-PI: Collaborative Research: Data-Driven Smart Monitoring of Alzheimer's Disease via Data Fusion, Personalized Prognostics, and Selective Sensing, (PI: Shuai Huang), supported by NSF (Sept. 2014 – Aug. 2017)

-       PI (with Tampa Electric Co-PIs): GOALI: Design and Operations of Supply Chain for Cleaner Fuels: Models, Algorithms and Implementation for Coal-fired Power Plants, supported by NSF (Oct 2012 – Sept 2016)

-       (Completed) Co-PI: Making databases green - an energy-aware DBMS approach, (PI: Yicheng Tu), supported by NSF (July, 2011- July, 2014)

-       (Completed) Co-PI: Identifying risk factors and interactions for Type 1 Diabetes in large studies (PI: Xiaoning Qian), supported by NIH (July, 2011- May, 2013) 

Team members

Dr. Bo Zeng, Department of Industrial Engineering @ Pitt

Liang Xu, Wei Wang, Chaosheng Dong, and Xueyu Shi (co-advised with Oleg Prokopyev)


-       Wei Yuan (July 2015), Current position, OR Analyst, Disney

-       Anna Danandeh (July 2015), Current position – Data Scientist at  Verizon Wireless

-       Yu An, Ph.D (Dec 2014, co-advised with Dr. Yu Zhang), Current position – Research Associate at Mayo Clinic

-       Seyed Javad Sajjadi, Ph.D (July 2014, co-advised with Dr. Xiaoning Qian). Current position – Data Scientist at Precima/LoyaltyOne Company

-       Long Zhao, Ph.D (Dec. 2013). Current position - Market Engineer at Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO)


Publications and Manuscripts

A.     Optimization Methods and Algorithms

-       B. Zeng and J-P. P. Richard, A polyhedral study on 0–1 knapsack problems with disjoint cardinality constraints: Strong valid inequalities by sequence-independent lifting, Discrete Optimization 8: 259-276, 2011

-       B. Zeng and J-P. P. Richard, A polyhedral study on 0–1 knapsack problems with disjoint cardinality constraints: Facet-defining inequalities by sequential lifting, Discrete Optimization 8: 277-201, 2011

-       B. Zeng and J-P. P. Richard, A Framework to Derive Multidimensional Superadditive Lifting Functions and Its Applications, IPCO '07 Proceedings of the 12th international conference on Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization (link)

-       B. Zeng and L. Zhao, Solving Two-stage Robust Optimization Problems by A Column-and-Constraint Generation Method, To appear in Operations Research Letters (link) Electronic companion (appendix)

-       L. Zhao and B. Zeng, An Exact Algorithm for Two-stage Robust Optimization with Mixed Integer Recourse Problems,  Submitted, Technical report, University of South Florida (link)

-       B.  Zeng, Y. An and L. Kuznia, Chance Constrained Mixed Integer Program: Bilinear and Linear Formulations, and Benders Decomposition. Submitted, Technical report, University of South Florida (link).  A research poster is available at 2013 Mixed Integer Programming Workshop (link), at University of Wisconsin Madison.

-       B.  Zeng and Y. An, Solving Bilevel Mixed Integer Program by Reformulations and Decomposition. Submitted, Technical report, University of South Florida (link). 

-       B.  Zeng, A Practical Scheme to Compute Pessimistic Bilevel Optimization Problem. To appear in INFORMS Journal on Computing  (link), testing instances (link)

-       M. Zhao, K. Huang and B. Zeng,  A Polyhedral Study on Chance Constrained Program with Random Right-Hand Side, To appear in Mathematical Programming (link),  testing instances (link)


B.    Operations Research Applications

v  Energy and Sustainability Systems

-       Y. Zhang, J. Wang, B. Zeng, Z. Hu. Chance-Constrained Two-Stage Unit Commitment under Uncertain Load and Wind Power Output Using Bilinear Benders Decomposition. To appear in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. 2017

-       A. Bhattacharya, J. Kharoufeh, and B. Zeng, Managing Energy Storage in Microgrids: A Multistage Stochastic Programming Approach. To appear in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2017

-       Z. Miao, L. Fan, H. Ghassempour, and B. Zeng, Least Square Estimation-based SDP Cuts for SOCP Relaxation of AC OPF, Conditionally accepted, IEEE Transaction on Automatic Control, 2017

-       J. Xie, P.K. Meher, M. Sun, Y. Li, B. Zeng and Z.H. Mao, Efficient FPGA Implementation of Low-Complexity Systolic Karatsuba Multiplier Over GF (2m) Based on NIST Polynomials. To appear in IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, 2017

-       P. Behzadnia, YC Tu, B. Zeng and W. Yuan, Energy-Aware Disk Storage Management: Online Approach with Application in DBMS. To appear in International Journal of Database Management Systems, 2017

-       H. Haghighat and B. Zeng, Distribution System Reconfiguration under Uncertain Load and Renewable Generation. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 31(4), pp.2666-2675, 2016

-       W. Yuan, J. Wang, F. Qiu, C. Chen, C. Kang and B. Zeng, Robust Optimization-Based Resilient Distribution Network Planning Against Natural Disasters. IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 7(6), pp.2817-2826. 2016

-       Z. Li, M. Shahidehpour, W. Wu, B. Zeng, B. Zhang, and W. Zheng, “Decentralized Multi-area Robust Generation Unit and Tie-line Scheduling under Wind Power Uncertainty,” To appear in IEEE Transactions on Sustainable, 2015

-       L. Kuznia, B. Zeng, Grisselle Centeno and Zhixin Miao, Stochastic Optimization for Power System Configuration with Renewable Energy in Remote Areas, To appear in Annals Operations Research (link). 

-       L. Zhao and B. Zeng, Robust Unit Commitment Problem with Demand Response and Wind Energy, Power and Energy Society General Meeting, 2012 IEEE, Vol., pp.1-8, 22-26 July 2012 (link)

-       L. Zhao and B. Zeng, Vulnerability Analysis of Power Grids with Line Switching, (previous title “An Exact Algorithm for Power Grid Interdiction Problem with Line Switching”), To appear in Power Systems, IEEE Transactions on (link)

-       L. Zhao, B. Zeng and B. Buckley, A Stochastic Unit Commitment Model with Cooling Systems. Power Systems, IEEE Transactions on, 28: 211-219, 2013

-       Danandeh, L. Zhao and B. Zeng, Job Scheduling with Uncertain Local Generation in Smart Buildings: Two-Stage Robust Approach (link), to appear in Smart Grid, IEEE Transactions on, 2014

-       W. Yuan, L. Zhao and B. Zeng, Optimal Power Grid Protection through A Defender-Attacker-Defender Model, to appear in Reliability Engineering and System Safety (link)

-       Y. An and B. Zeng, Exploring the Modeling Capacity: Two Variants of Robust Unit Commitment Model (link), to appear in Power Systems, IEEE Transactions on, 2014

-       X. Xie,  B. Zeng and M. Nachabe, Sampling Design for Water Distribution Network Chlorine Decay Calibration, to appear in Urban Water Journal.

-       X. Xie, M. Nachabe and B. Zeng, Optimal Scheduling of Automatic Flushing Devices in Water Distribution System, to appear in Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, 2014


v Healthcare and Biomedical Systems

-       M. Apaydin, L. Xu, B. Zeng and X. Qian, Robust mutant strain design by pessimistic bilevel optimization, Best paper award of International Conference on Intelligent Biology and Medicine (ICIBM 2016), To appear in BMC Genomics

-       B. Zeng, A. Turkcan, J. Lin and M. Lawley, Clinic scheduling models with overbooking for patients with heterogeneous no-show probabilities. Annals Operations Research 178(1): 121-144, 2010

-       Turkcan, B. Zeng, K. Muthuraman and M. Lawley, Sequential clinical scheduling with service criteria, European Journal of Operational Research, 214 (3): 780-795, 2011

-       Turkcan, B. Zeng and M. Lawley, Chemotherapy operations planning and scheduling. To appear in IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering. (link)   

-       Zeng, H. Zhao and M. Lawley, Primary-Care Clinic Overbooking and Its Impact on Patient No-shows, To appear in IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering (link).

-       S. J. Sajjadi, A. A. Adl, B. Zeng and X. Qian, Finding the most discriminating sets of biomarkers by maximum weighted clique, Proceedings of the 6th INFORMS Workshop on Data Mining and Health Informatics

-       S. Ren,  B. Zeng and X. Qian, Adaptive bi-level programming for optimal gene knockouts for targeted overproduction under phenotypic constraints, BMC Bioinformatics 2013, 14 (Suppl 2): S17

-       R. Zhang and B. Zeng, Ambulance Location and Relocation Through Two-stage Robust Optimization, Proceedings of 2016 IISE Annual Conference (ISERC) (link).


v Logistics and Transportation Systems

-       A. Danandeh, B. Zeng, B. Caldwell, and B. Buckley. “A Decision Support System for Fuel Supply Chain Design at Tampa Electric Company”. Interfaces, 46(6), pp.503-521, 2016

-       Q. Li, B. Zeng and A. Savachkin, Reliable facility location design under disruptions, Computer and Operations Research, 40 (4), 901-909, 2013

-       Y. An*, Yu Zhang, and B. Zeng. "The reliable hub-and-spoke design problem: Models and algorithms." Transportation Research Part B: Methodological 77,103-122, 2015 (link) 

-       Y. An, B. Zeng, Y. Zhang and L. Zhao, Reliable p-median facility location problem: two-stage robust models and algorithms (link), To appear in Transportation Research: Part B Methodological, 2014


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