Our Castle (Still Unnamed)

As medieval enthusiasts and members of the SCA, it has long been our dream to live in a real castle. So we built one here in Pittsburgh. The plans are based on Bodiam castle, which is located near Hastings in southern England. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a tourist attraction. This is our home. Friends are always welcome, but we do not give tours to random people who show up on our doorstep. We'd love to meet you and talk about our castle in the right setting (e.g. Pennsic). There is no way for pictures to capture the feeling of being inside the great hall, or standing atop the highest tower, or swordfighting your way up the back steps. But hopefully, this web site will convey some of the fun and excitement that we feel living here, and that we hope to share with our friends, both in and out of the SCA.


Sept 20, 2007

Sept 20, 2007
Great Hall

Sept 2, 2013

Aug 27, 2007

Feb 15, 2009

Sept 2, 2013
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