Melinda's Project

As a special project for Health Services, Graduate Assistant Melinda Moz created a health information file of internet resources on a vast variety of topics. She utilized over 100 college health service websites in obtaining the information to build our file. The health information file has already been used to create handouts sheets for students, as a resource for Resident Advisor programs on health topics, and as a resource for the Resident Advisor Training Program.

An article about Melinda's Project appeared in the Summer 1997 issue of Connections Quarterly Newsletter for college health nurses, and is on the World Wide Web at (Carol Mulvihill is the Editor of Connections Quarterly.)

In addition, Melinda assisted in the planning and organization of the very successful Annual Health Fair held on campus in April 1996. There were 20 booths offering a wide variety of health information and screenings for cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure.

Carla's Projects

Freshman pre-pharmacy major Carla Peterman served her first year as office assistant and manager of the Self-Care Center in her 10 hour-per-week work-study position in Health Services. Because of her diverse abilities, Carla was given the opportunity to do special work projects for the health service. She assisted in the revision of the health service brochure, "101 Ways to Make Love Without Doing It," assisting with the HTML formatting of this brochure for a web page. Carla also assisted in compilation of data for the new health service brochure, "Piercing Care and Precautions."

Carla has also assisted in compiling the statistical summaries for the monthly, term and annual reports of the Student Health Service. Because of her excellent mathmatical ability and her attention to detail, she was given the task of calculating the the cost-effectiveness of the Self-Care Centers. She is the first work-study student in the 23-year history of the health service to be given this responsibility.

Carol Mulvihill wrote an article about Carla entitled, "Helping Others Succeed: Creating Win-Win Situations in the Workplace." The article appeared in the Fall 1997 issue of Connections Quarterly and is on the World Wide Web at

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