Sun, Moon, and Star Legends

Translated and edited by

D. L. Ashliman

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  1. The Night Raven or Eternal Teamster (Germany).

The Night Raven or Eternal Teamster


During the night the night raven can be heard calling out with its "caw, caw." This bird is much larger than an ordinary raven, even as large as an old hen.

It is also called the eternal teamster. They say that for his portion of the Kingdom of Heaven he desired to be underway forever and ever. Thus he will be driving for all eternity, seated on the middle horse of Heaven's Wagon. The four large stars to the rear are the great wheels. The three stars in front, standing in a crooked line, are three horses. The small star above the middle one of these is the eternal teamster. He steers the horses, and because the wagon always goes in a circle, they are not in a straight line, but in a crooked one, for they are always making a turn.

Before midnight, it is said, he drives outward, and the wagon-tongue bends upward; after midnight he drives homeward, and it bends downward.


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