NSF-EPSRC Collaborative Research, 2022-2025:

Stability Analysis for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Across Multiscale Applications

Supported by US NSF and UK EPSRC (>$1m).


This collaborative research project will develop innovative mathematical methods and techniques to solve the outstanding stability problems of nonlinear partial differential equations across the scales, including asymptotic, quantifying, and structural stability problems in hyperbolic conservation laws, kinetic equations, and related multiscale applications in fluid-particle (agent based) models. The proposed research is mainly on the following four interrelated objectives: (1) Stability analysis of shock wave patterns of reflections/diffraction with focus on the shock reflection-diffraction problem in gas dynamics; (2) Stability analysis of vortex sheets, contact discontinuities, and other characteristic discontinuities; (3) Stability analysis of particle to continuum limits including the quantifying asymptotic/mean-field/large-time limits for pairwise interactions and particle limits for general interactions among multi-agent or many-particle systems; (4) Stability analysis of asymptotic limits with emphasis on the vanishing viscosity limit of solutions from multi-dimensional compressible viscous to inviscid flows with large initial data. The project will lead to both new understanding of these fundamental scientific issues and beneficial cross-fertilization with significant progress towards a nonlinear stability theory of nonlinear partial differential equations across multiscale applications, and will provide education and training to students in the exciting research field of applied mathematics.