David G. WilleyDavid Willey

Instructor of Physics

Email:  David Willey
Telephone number:  814-269-2021


David was born and raised in England and while there received a Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics from Aston University and a Certificate in Education from Birmingham University. Before coming to America he taught at Saltley Grammar School, U.K. In 1972 he came to Columbus and obtained a Master's degree in Physics from the Ohio State University.

 Aston University.
 Birmingham University.
 Ohio State University.

Frequently David takes parts of his show "How Does A Thing Like That Work?" to beautiful downtown Burbank to have some fun with Jay Leno.

Firewalking and Physics Shows

David joined the University of Pittsburgh in 1975. He received the 'Teacher of the Year' award for Natural Science in 1990. In additionFlames to teaching he has also developed Physics apparatus, written computer software, contributed to several Physics texts and co-produced a video on the Physics of Firewalking.  David took the data for the World's Hottest Firewalk  which was held in Redmond, Washington on October 18, 1997. He was also part of World Record Longest Firewalk which was held at UPJ on July 2, 1998. A few pictures and some thoughts about the longest walk can be found here.

David developed a Physics demonstration program called  "How Does A Thing Like That Work?". David and his wife, Raven have presented this show at  American Association of Physics Teachers , Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association and National Science Teachers Association  conferences, at the American Museum of Natural History and to over 25,000 students in Pennsylvania.

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