Energy & Pressure

Bed of Nails Demonstrations

Bed of Nails & Person StandingRaven breaking brick

One person lies on a bed of nails, while another stands atop a bed of nails resting on the others chest. This shows that with fairly even distribution there are enough nails that no one of them presses with enough force to cause pain.

Bed of Nails & Block Broken

A concrete block is placed on a small bed of nails, nail points down, which in turn is placed on the chest of someone lying on a large bed of nails. The block is then broken with a sledge hammer. The energy of the hammer goes mostly to the inelastic collision with the block, the momentum through to the Earth. It's the little bits of concrete you have to watch out for. Wear a face mask and a cup!  I prefer to use a three section block and have the middle section broken. That way a lot of the small pieces of concrete are stopped by the two end sections. 

Want to make a bed of nails of your very own? Here is a set of "do-it-yourself" Bed of Nail Instructions .

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