Countries Visited

You might say that traveling is also a hobby, as I've visited many countries for a variety of purposes. Most are trips for teaching or conferences. Here is a pretty complete list of my visits to the following countries. Note: I've used the list of countries at to determine which places are countries (e.g., Bahamas, Jamaica, Belize) and which are not (e.g., Guadalupe, Bermuda, St. Martin, Aruba). I do not count airport stopovers as visits. I must either hike, eat a meal, or go sightseeing with a camera. Categories capture the first visit to the country.



1. The U.S.A.



2.   Denmark (ICIS Copenhagen, Dec. 1990 and 2021) (The 1990 ICIS conference was my first trip across the Ocean. Ask me sometime about the "lost my passport" adventure!)

3.   Netherlands (ICIS Amsterdam, 1994 and Planning Meeting 18 mos. prior)

4.   Finland (ICIS Helsinki, 1997, planning Meeting 18 months prior, and September 2015 to serve as an Opponent for a thesis defense at Oulu University)

5.   Spain (ICIS Barcelona, 2001 and Planning Meeting 18 months prior)

6.   Australia (ICIS Brisbane, 2001 Conference plus side trip to Sydney)

7.   Slovenia (Bled, 2007, eConference)

8.   Switzerland (St. Gallen, 2007, ECIS); subsequent trip to Zurich to serve as one of two co-readers for Mihai Calin's thesis (Dec 2013).

9.   Ireland (ECIS Conference and AIS Council Meeting, June 2008; ICIS December 2016)

10. New Zealand (ICIS Auckland Dec. 2014)

11. South Korea (ICIS Seoul Dec. 2017)

12. Germany (ICIS Munich December 2019)



China (Shanghai and Kunming), already listed below, Nov 2007

13. Mexico (with an AIS delegation) (Mexico City, October 2002; subsequent trips: vacation to Puerto Vallarta June 2004 with the Kigers; keynote speech at Guadalajara for IS Department Heads conference in 2005; cruise stop at Costa Maya July 2007; vacation in Playa del Carmen in June 2008 with the Kigers; cruise stop Aug 2014 in Cozumel)

14. Colombia (Bucaramanga): Provide keynote talk to "Third International Congress of Industrial Engineering" at the Universidad Industrial de Santander, October 11, 2008



15. Japan (Kobe, Nara, Kyoto)

16. China (Beijing); subsequently taught for CEIBS in Shanghai and Beijing Jan 2001; Shanghai Feb 2001; Shanghai Nov 2005; gave keynote address at CnAIS meeting in Kunming, China in Nov 2007. Hong Kong too (as part of China in 1999; Co-chaired ICIS Shanghai December 2011).

17. Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City)

18. Malaysia (Penang)

19. India (Chennai, formerly called Madras; also Delhi in March 2017 to visit IIT Delhi and serve as an adjunct)

20. Egypt (Cairo)

21. Turkey (Istanbul)

22. Croatia (Dubrovnik)

23. Bosnia

24. Italy (Rome, Pisa, Florence). And subsequent trip to AIS Council Meeting in June, 2009 (Verona); subsequent trip to ICIS Dec 2013 in Milan

25. Morocco (Casablanca and Marrakech)



China (Shanghai & Beijing, already listed above)

26. Poland (Lodz 1994 - information exchange trip; Lodz/Rochna June 2009 - Keynote at 15th EDI & E-Commerce Conference)

27. Slovakia (Bratislava)

28. Czech Republic (Prague, Sept 2002, Jan 2007, Feb 2007, Oct 2007, Nov 2007 twice, Jan 2008, Sept 2008, Oct 2008, Aug 2009, Sept 2009, March 2010, April 2010, May 2011, June 2011, April 2012, May 2012, May 2013, June 2013, October 2014, November 2014, October 2015, November 2015) (23 trips to Prague).

29. Brazil (Sao Paulo with Rio side trip, October 2002; July 2003 with Iguazu side trip; August 2003; July 2004 with Rio and Iguazu side trips; September 2004; Aug 2008; Sept 2008; September 2016; September 2017; September 2019) Also keynote address to the 5th CONTECSI - International Conference on Information Systems and Technology Management (11 trips to Brazil)

30. England (Windsor for 2 weeks as a “Distinguished Visitor” to Royal Holloway University of London in October 2015; Newcastle June 15-18, 2014 for IFIP Roode Conference; London: side trip after teaching in Prague Jan 2007; on a late night journey I visited Piccadilly Circus and had fish & chips just past Trafalgar Square; October 2018 to recruit for our PhD program).

31. Hong Kong in 1996 (before it was part of China) with Pitt EMBA students.

32. Bahrain in 2010 (teaching a course in the EMBA program at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals)

33. Saudi Arabia in October 2011 to teach in King Fahd's EMBA program (see above).



34. Haiti (Cap Haitian) Subsequent stop in Aug 2014 in Labadee, Haiti on the Allure of the Seas.

35. Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata)



36. Canada (I grew up only 2 hours from Niagara Falls and now live 4 hours away; several trips for conferences (Toronto DSI conference in the 1980s, Vancouver (1990s) and Montreal ICIS conferences; Montreal SIGCHI; Roode Workshop 2013, two Toronto vacations, etc.; also the terrific Madonna Blonde Ambition Tour in May 1990, and no, I'm not a teenager and wasn't then either! Two visits to Canada while on a cruise to Alaska June 2012 and May 2018)

37. Venezuela (Caracas -- on a Caribbean cruise)

38. Grenada (cruise)

39. Russia (St. Petersburg side trip from ICIS in Helsinki)

40. France (started and ended in Paris, drove to north, west, and south coasts 2001); then for ICIS in December 2008

41. Jamaica (cruise in June 2003 with the wonderful Kiger/Byrnes family; Subsequent cruise stop in Aug 2014 on the RCCL Allure of the Seas)

42. Bahamas (several cruises and one plane trip)

43. Austria (Vienna, side trip from teaching in Slovakia)

44. Argentina (side trip to Iguassu Falls after teaching in Brazil 2003 and July 2004)

45. Belize (cruise stopped there in July 2007 and Aug 2010 on the Carnival Valor)

46. Honduras (cruise stopped at Isla Roatan in July 2007 and Aug 2010 on the Carnival Valor)

47. Greece: including wonderful Athens and the fantastic islands Mykonos, Naxos, and Santorini, May 2010



Already included above:


Germany (side trip November 2007 - Dresden - long walking tour in the cold (yes, I was temporarily lost), then a nice lamb dinner. Then walked around Munich with good friends and neighbors (Jim and Shirley Crawford) for one day before a trip to Greece May 2010


Caribbean (not counted: includes Aruba, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Guadalupe, San Juan, St. Marten, St. Thomas--not counted as countries in