WWW Implementation of Business Plan

Given that you have a solid analysis of the business issues in your written plan, the other side of the plan involves some "proof of concept," the most vivid view of your idea.


You are not required to develop the entire site. Required would be a "home" page and enough of the site to provide some idea of the look and feel of the venture you propose.


You can use any programming tools you wish (Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Notepad, Pagemill, etc.), but your web page must provide the following features:

bulletA Table
bulletAn image of some kind (An original drawing or photo is most desirable. You can use a digital camera or the school's scanner. But any image is ok)
bulletA working form with validation in Javascript
bulletFor a bonus: Active Server Page, Cold Fusion, or other database access

You also must notify me of your project's web address and give me team member information at least 3 days before the presentations. You must use the form for such notification. The site does not have to reside on Pitt's server.

The best pages are those that make aggressive use of creativity. We will have a competition in the last week to see which of the dozen or so projects is best (1st through 3rd prizes). If your group wins an award, its name will be noted on the winners page.


Please do not use Powerpoint. Place all materials on line. Cover the following:

  1. Show the main page and provide an executive summary. Three (and only three) brief outline pages linked from the site should be used (without any title page): Describe the idea in general, describe the targeted customer base, and describe the competition (2-3 minutes total).
  2. Walk through the site to give an idea of its look & feel (5-7 minutes). Make sure you show your table, original images, and form and validation.


The following written support is required (just before the presentation):

  1. Printout of home page.
  2. Printout or description of where the table, form, and bonus elements are found in the site.