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The MIS Faculty Salary Offer Survey is back on line and streamlined to only include the Pivot Table created by Prof. Ido Millet of Penn State Erie and previously generously and routinely updated by him for many years. You can add your Offer information at the new Google Forms location.


Note: although this survey can and does represent offers from anywhere in the world, this survey makes use of U.S. dollars for comparing and averaging, and forces respondents to do a one-time conversion, freezing the numbers at a point in time. There are advantages and disadvantages from making these simplifying assumptions, but this (over)simplification has been chosen. Philosophically, also, is the fact that in different countries there are different salary models at work. In the U.S. the modal situation is that a faculty salary is high enough to raise a family comfortably. In many other countries, there are large numbers of universities that provide extremely low pay, requiring faculty to supplement their pay with substantial amounts of consulting. This survey is not very meaningful for situations of where you need several other engagements to support a family. In many countries there is wide variance on this issue, and some schools pay comfortable wages for university teaching. For those schools this survey can be useful. Thus, the school, not the country, would determine the usefulness of this survey.


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