Oracle8 Visual Information Retrieval Cartridge User's Guide
Release 1.0.1







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1 Introduction

1.1 If You Already Understand Oracle8 Image Cartridge
1.2 Data Cartridges
1.3 Image Concepts
1.3.1 Digital Images
1.3.2 Image Components
1.3.3 Interchange Formats
1.4 Object Relational Technology
1.4.1 Storing Images
1.4.2 Querying Images
1.4.3 Accessing Images
1.5 Cartridge Methods and Operations
1.5.1 Image Property Extraction
1.5.2 Image Analysis and Comparison
1.5.3 Image Modification
1.5.4 Image Copy

2 Content-Based Retrieval Concepts

2.1 Overview and Benefits
2.2 How Content-Based Retrieval Works
2.2.1 Global Color and Local Color
2.2.2 Texture and Structure
2.2.3 Face Recognition
2.3 How Matching Works
2.3.1 Weight
2.3.2 Score
2.3.3 Similarity Calculation
2.3.4 Threshold Value
2.3.5 Example: Medical X-Ray Screening
2.4 Preparing or Selecting Images for Useful Matching

3 Visual Information Retrieval Examples

3.1 Create a New Table Containing an Image
3.2 Add an Image Column to an Existing Table
3.3 Load Images into BLOBs From External Files
3.4 Retrieve an Image
3.5 Retrieve Images Similar to a Comparison Image
3.6 Convert an Image to a Different Format
3.7 Extend the Cartridge With a New Type
3.8 Use Image Types With Object Views

4 Visual Information Retrieval Reference

4.1 Object Data Types (ODTs)
ORDVirB Object Data Type
ORDVirF Object Data Type
4.2 Methods
CopyContent() Method
Process( ) Method
ProcessCopy( ) Method
SetProperties( ) Method
4.3 Operators
Analyze( ) Operator
Convert( ) Operator
Score( ) Operator
Similar( ) Operator

A File and Compression Formats

B Sample Program

C Frequently Asked Questions

C.1 Errors During Installation
C.2 Errors Using the Image Types
C.3 RPC Errors After Installation
C.4 SQL Select Statement Does Not Work
C.5 Extract the File Name from a BFILE Image

D Error Messages


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