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Special Program in History & Philosophy of Physics

The Department of History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) is recognized as a world leader in general history and philosophy of science. In addition to strengths in the philosophy of biology, early modern natural philosophy, and ancient science, the department has excellent resources for graduate study in the philosophy and history of physics.

The department is able to offer a generous package of financial support to most successful applicants for admission and and has an excellent record of placing its PhD graduates in academic positions.

Participating Senior Faculty:

John Earman (HPS), philosophy of space and time, foundations of quantum field theory.

Adolf Gruenbaum (Mellon Professor), philosophy of space and time, cosmology.

John Norton (HPS), history and philosophy of modern physics, Einstein, general relativity.

Laura Ruetsche (Philosophy), foundations of quantum physics.

Mark Wilson (Philosophy), history and foundations of classical physics.

Gordon Belot (Philosophy), philosophy of physics, interpretative problems of physical theories.

Henry Krips (Communication) philosophy of quantum mechanics, cultural theory, psychoanalysis, rhetoric of science.

Current and Recent Dissertation Projects:

"The Conceptual Foundations of Gauge Theories"

"Approaching the Absolute Zero of Time: Theory Development and Evaluation in Early Universe Cosmology"

"Foundations of Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Computational Theory"

"Philosophical Implications of the Treatment of Interactions in Quantum Field Theory"