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Biographical Sketch

Born: February 25, 1948
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1970-74, Ph.D., Physical Chemistry.
Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, 1965-70, B.A., Chemistry.

Academic Genealogy

Academic Positions:
Richard King Mellon Professor, 2014-present.
Distinguished Professor of Computational Chemistry, 2007 - present.
University of Pittsburgh, Chair, Dept. of Chemistry, 2002 - 2005.
University of Pittsburgh, Professor of Chemistry, 1985 - present.
University of Pittsburgh, Associate Professor of Chemistry, 1980 - 1985.
University of Pittsburgh, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 1978 - 1980.
Yale University, Assistant Professor of Engineering and Applied Science,
     1976 - 1978.
Yale University, J. W. Gibbs Instructor of Engineering and Applied
     Science, 1974 - 1976.

Other Positions and Activities:
Chair, Chair-Elect, Vice-Chair, Division of Compuational Physics, APS (2012-present)
Co-director, Center for Simulation and Modeling, Univ. Pittsburgh (2008 - present)
President, Telluride Science Research Center
     (2009 - 2011).
Co-organizer, Symposium on Hydration: From Clusters to Aqueous Solution,
     ACS National Meeting (2007).
Faculty Fellow, Institute for Advanced Energy Studies, NETL (2008 - present)
Chair, Langmuir Prize (APS) Selection Committee (2006).
Co-organizer, Symposium on Hydrogen Bonds: Developments in Theory and
     Experiment, ACS National Meeting (2005)
Senior Editor, Journal of Physical Chemistry (2004 - present).
Member, Keck Nanoscale Molecular Electronics Laboratory, Univ.
     Pittsburgh (2003 - 2007).
Member, Board of Directors, Telluride Science Research Center (2004 - 2006).
Associate Faculty, Institute of Nanoscience & Engineering, Univ. of
     Pittsburgh (2003 -present).
ORISE Faculty Fellow, National Energy Technology Laboratory (2003 -
Associate Faculty, Department for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics,
     School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, (2002 - present).
Advisory Board, Petroleum Research Fund, ACS (2002 - 2005).
Chair, American Conference on Theoretical Chemistry (2002).
Editorial Board, Journal of Chemical Physics (2001 - 2003).
Visiting Professor, University of Cambridge (2001).
Director, Center for Molecular and Materials Simulations, University of
     Pittsburgh (1999-present).
Member, AT Nanomaterials and Electronic Structure Algorithms Team of the
     NCSA Alliance (1998-2003).
Secretary/Treasurer, Physical Chemistry Division, ACS (2002 - present).
Editorial Board, Theoretical Chemistry Accounts (1997 - present).
Visiting Fellow, Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics, University of
     Colorado (1997).
Promotion of Chemistry, Visiting Professor, Taiwan (March 1995).
Affiliate Staff Scientist. Pacific Northwest Laboratories
     (1994 - 1997).
Visiting Professor, University of Utah (1994-1995).
Visiting Fellow, Australian National University (1992).
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, Carnegie-Mellon University
     (1988 - present).
Chair, Vice Chair, Vice Chair Elect, Theoretical Chemistry
     Subdivision, Physical Chemistry Division, ACS (1988-1991;1997-2000).
Member, Joint National Center for Supercomputing
     Applications/Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Peer
     Review Board (1986 - 1988).
Organizer, Symposium on Bound & Temporary Anions in Chemical
     Systems, 194th ACS National Meeting (1987).
Co-Organizer, 20th Annual Midwest Theoretical Chemistry Conference,
     Pittsburgh, May 1987.
Program Director for Theoretical Chemical Physics, National Science
     Foundation, August 1984 - August 1985.
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Utah, Summers 1976, 1977.

Academic Honors:
2010 ACS Physical Chemistry Division Award in Theoretical Chemistry
2009 Fellow of the American Chemical Society
2009 Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
2008 Provost's Award for Excellence in Mentoring
2008 Henry Eyring Center Lecturer, University of Utah
2007 Fellow, AAAS
2006 Coulson Lecture, University of Georgia
2006 David P. Craig Visiting Professor, Australian National University
2004 Included in Chemical and Engineering News' Highlights of 2004
2004 Included in Science Magazine's Scientific Breakthroughs of 2004
2003-2005 Creativity Extension, National Science Foundation
2000 Pittsburgh ACS Award
1995 Chancellor's Distinguished Research Award, Univ. of Pittsburgh
1993 Fellow of the American Physical Society
1990 Distinguished Alumnus Lecturer, Northeastern University
1981-1982 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellow
1977-1982 Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar
1977-1979 Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellow
1977 Visiting Scholar, University of Nebraska, May 1977
1970-1973 NSF Predoctoral Fellow (M.I.T.)
1970 B.A. Summa Cum Laude, Northeastern University

Professional Affiliations:
American Chemical Society
American Physical Society
Sigma Xi

Kenneth D. Jordan
Dept. of Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh,
219 Parkman Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: (412) 624-8690     FAX: (412) 624-8611     email: jordan at
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