PDE and Analysis Seminar

University of Pittsburgh, Academic Year 2012-2013

The seminar meets weekly on Mondays from 3pm to 4pm in Thackeray Hall, Room 427.
It is organized by Piotr Hajlasz, Marta Lewicka and Dehua Wang. If you have any questions about a particular seminar, please contact the speaker's host. For general questions about the seminar, please contact any of the organizers.

Schedule for Spring 2013

Date Speaker and title Host
January 7 Thierry De Pauw , Institut de Math de Jussieu, Paris
Piotr Hajlasz
Monday - Thursday, January 14-17 Yuval Peres's lectures this week
2013 Theme Semester on Game Theory and PDEs
January 21 Martin Luther King's Day
January 28 Kevin Wildrick , Uniersity of Bern
Dimension distortion by Sobolev mappings in the Heisenberg group
Piotr Hajlasz
February 4 Daoyuan Fang , Zhejiang University and PSU
Global well-posedness for 2D density-dependent Navier-Stokes equations with rotational effects
Dehua Wang
Wednesday - Friday, February 6-8 Scott Sheffield's lectures this week
2013 Theme Semester on Game Theory and PDEs
February 11 Adrian Tudorascu , West Virginia University
Weak Lagrangian solutions for the Semi-Geostrophic system in physical space
Marta Lewicka
February 18 Xinfu Chen , University of Pittsburgh
A new type variational inequality arising from mathematical finance
February 25 Toan Nguyen , Penn State
Nonlinear stability of the source defects in complex Ginzburg-Landau equations
Dehua Wang
Monday - Friday, March 4-9 Robert Jensen's lectures this week
2013 Theme Semester on Game Theory and PDEs
March 11 Spring Break
Wednesday - Friday, March 14-16 International Workshop "Advances in Nonlinear Science" this week
2013 Theme Semester on Game Theory and PDEs
March 18 Jim Kelliher , UC Riverside
A characterization of 2D bounded solutions to the Euler equations
Ming Chen
March 25 Ronghua Pan , Georgia Tech
Compressible Navier-Stokes equations with temperature dependent dissipation
Dehua Wang
Monday - Friday, April 1-6 Mete Soner's lectures this week
2013 Theme Semester on Game Theory and PDEs
April 8 Rachael Neilan , Duquesne University
Optimal Control Theory for PDEs: Applications in Biology
Marta Lewicka
April 15 Piotr Mucha , Warsaw University
Inhomogeneous Navier-Stokes system: well posedness for rough data
Marta Lewicka
April 22
Monday - Friday, April 29 - May 3 Yoshikazu Giga and Mi-Ho Giga's lectures this week
2013 Theme Semester on Game Theory and PDEs

Schedule for Fall 2012

Date Speaker and title Host
Wednesday, September 5
lecture at 3pm in Thackerey 427
Stuart Hastings , University of Pittsburgh
Uniqueness of relaxation oscillations
Joint with Applied Math Seminar
September 10 Charis Tsikkou , Ohio State University
Conservation Laws with no Classical Riemann Solutions: Existence of Dafermos profiles for singular shocks
Dehua Wang
Wednesday, September 12
lecture at 4pm in Thackerey 703
Bogdan Bojarski , Polish Academy of Science
Lagrange interpolation, divided differences and Sobolev spaces
Piotr Hajlasz
September 17 Zoran Grujic , University of Virginia
Vortex stretching and criticality for the 3D NSE
Paolo Galdi
Marta Lewicka
September 24 Malena Espanol , University of Akron
A Gamma-convergence analysis of the quasicontinuum method
Marta Lewicka
October 1 Nicholas Leger , Carnegie Mellon University
Self-similarity for a generalized Smoluchowski coagulation equation
Marta Lewicka
October 8 Fall Break
Wednesday, October 17
lecture at 4:30pm in Thackerey 704
Susan Friedlander , University of Southern California
The Importance Of Being Even
Special PDE Colloquium
Paolo Galdi
October 22 Xianpeng Hu, Courant Institute NYU
Small perturbation and singular limits of compressible elastodynamics
Dehua Wang
October 29
lecture 1: 4:30 - 5:30pm
lecture 2: 5:30 - 6:30pm
Nikolaos Katzourakis , Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Spain
Contact Solutions for Fully Nonlinear PDE Systems and Applications to Calculus of Variations in $L^\infty$

Jose Miguel Urbano , University of Coimbra, Portugal
Optimal regularity at the free boundary for the infinity obstacle problem
Juan Manfredi
November 5 Stacey Levine , Duquesne University
Denoising an image by denoising its curvature
Marta Lewicka
November 12 Ian Tice , Carnegie Mellon University
Some stability problems in interfacial fluid mechanics
Marta Lewicka
November 19 Henry Boateng , University of Michigan
Quasi-equilibrium Off-Lattice Kinetic Monte Carlo
Marta Lewicka
November 26 Armin Schikorra , University of Pittsburgh and Max Planck Institute Leipzig
Knot-energies and Fractional Harmonic Maps
December 3 Xiang Xu , Carnegie Mellon University
Cubic instability in Landau-de Gennes energy for nematic liquid crystals
Dehua Wang

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