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College in High School

The College in High School program was started in 1980 by Dr. Joshua Geller, former Superintendent of the North Hills School District, and Dr. Henry Cohen, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh. During the inauguration year, sixteen students enrolled in calculus. The program's success led to its swift expansion; as of Fall 2014, CHS involves 212 high schools in Pennsylvania and 1 in Ohio, with an enrollment over 3,000 students. More than a third of those students are taking CHS Stat 200.

CHS offers qualified high school students the opportunity to earn University of Pittsburgh college credits during their regular school day. Students do not have to leave their school to travel to the University. They should be academically ready for the challenge of a college level course. Courses are offered in Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics, Computer Programming, Communications, French, Latin, German, and Political Science. The courses are taught by a high school teacher who has been nominated by that university department as a part-time adjunct faculty member. Exams are written and monitored by the respective departments at the University of Pittsburgh. Students who register pay less than 20% of the normal tuition. They are eligible for a Pitt I.D. card which provides access to the computer labs, the libraries, student rate athletic tickets, etc.

CHS Statistics 200 (Basic Applied Statistics)

This four-credit course teaches methods and terminologies of descriptive and inferential statistics. Students who complete this course will be able to conduct their own analyses of standard one-sample or two-sample data sets, follow statistical reasoning and read statistical reports with understanding. Introductory topics in linear regression, analysis of variance and contingency table analysis will also be covered.

Additional information about this course, or about CHS in general, may be obtained by contacting the College in High School Director, Mike Giazzoni. He can be reached by phone at 412-624-6789 or by e-mail at

Online Survey and Data

  • Here is a brief guide to MINITAB 17 Basics , used in this course; for work on a Mac, see MinitabForMac .
  • A free fully functional demo can be downloaded from Minitab but it will only run for 30 days, so consider waiting until later in the semester!

    In the fall of 2014, CHS Stat teachers had their students respond to our online survey questions. The resulting data set survey10-31-14.txt about 35 variables for almost 1200 students from 37 Western PA schools is now available for use in examples, assignments, projects, etc. Consider using the following: Labs1-4, Labs5-8, Labs9-12

    The survey data will show up on the screen. Highlight all of it by typing "Ctrl a" simultaneously and copy it all by typing "Ctrl c" simultaneously. Then start up MINITAB, and right below the cell C1 (above row 1) paste the data by typing "ctrl v" simultaneously. Click OK and the data should be there. Caution! The data may not transfer correctly on some platforms if there are missing entries. Fill in blank cells with a zero, if appropriate; otherwise, with an asterisk ("*").

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