Table of Contents:

  1. Installing Python
  2. Intro to Python and IDLE
  3. Arithmetic Operators
  4. Variables Assignment
  5. Introduction to Strings
  6. Interactive Script with raw_input()
  7. Comments and Strings Expanded
  8. Introduction to Lists, Indexing
  9. List Slicing
  10. List Methods
  11. Built-in Functions
  12. Importing Modules
  13. More Module Importing Options
  14. Dictionaries
  15. Reading Text
  16. Writing Text to a File
  17. for Loops
  18. Conditional Loops with while
  19. Intro to Logic
  20. Logic and Conditionals Expanded
  21. Else If
  22. Defining Functions
  23. User-Built Modules

Advanced Topics:
A1.  String Methods 1
A2.  String Methods 2
A3.  Splitting and Joining Strings
A4.  Data Types and Conversion
A5.  Mutability
A6   More on for Loops
A7.  User-defined Functions
A8.  Sorting
A9.  File Path and CWD
A10. File Reading & Writing Methods
A11. Pickling
A12. List Comprehension
A13. Regular Expression
A14. More Functions and List Compr.
A15. Unicode

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