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Python & NLTK Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is Portable Python? How do I use it?
  2. Accessing command history: How do I quickly bring up a previously entered command?
  3. I dislike using "Ctrl-p/n" (or "Alt-p/n") keys for command history. Can I use ⇧ UpArrow and ⇩ DownArrow instead like in most other shell environments?
  4. How do I save my IDLE session into a file?
  5. Where is my Python installed?
  6. (Mac) IDLE prints a warning message about the Tcl/Tk version. How can I fix this?
  7. (Win) IDLE "starts in" C:\Python27 by default and saves all my scripts there. How do I change this behavior?
  8. (Win) My file names show up without the extensions (.txt, .py, .pdf, etc.). How do I make them visible?
  9. I am trying out these commands that I found on a Python tutorial site, but I keep getting an error. What is wrong?
  10. How do I refer to a file in Python?
  11. I have this file sitting in my Desktop/My Documents ... area. How do I find its full file path and name?
  12. I am having trouble reading/writing/loading a particular file. What's wrong?
  13. OK, so using the full file path and name always works. But I've seen files being referred to by the file name only. How is it done?
  14. How do I work with CWD (current working directory) in Python shell?
  15. (Win) My text file shows up with no line break. What gives?


  1. How do I install NLTK 3.0 (Mac/Linux)?
  2. How do I install NLTK 3.0 (Portable Python on Windows)?
  3. How do I install NLTK 3.0 (Windows)?
  4. While installing NLTK 3.0, I am getting "No Python installation found in the registry" error message.
  5. How do I download corpora and other data for NLTK?
  6. Where do I begin with NLTK?
  7. Apparently, we also need to install the matplotlib package to use certain NLTK functionalities. How do I do that?
  8. I am trying to use the .dispersion_plot() function of NLTK as shown in the book, but it's giving me an error message. How can I fix it?
  9. (Windows) I am getting "No module named numpy" error when importing NLTK. How do I fix this?
  10. Where is NLTK installed?
  11. Where is my NLTK data located on my computer?
  12. The system gives me an error when I try to access Brown/Gutenberg/Inaugural/... corpus. How to fix?
  13. How do I add my NLTK data's location to NLTK's data directory path? (NLTK 3)
  14. How do I add my NLTK data's location to NLTK's data directory path? (NLTK 2.0.4)
  15. How do I update an NLTK module?
  16. How do I install the previous version of NLTK: v. 2.0.4 (Windows)?
  17. How do I install the previous version of NLTK: v. 2.0.4 (Mac/Linux)?
  18. I have NLTK 2.0.2. Is that a problem?

General Computing Tips

  1. How do I take a screen shot?
  2. What text editing programs should I use?