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Python 3 Notes

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About this Site

This is a collection of Python 3 tutorials and notes for students of LING 1330/2330 "Introduction to Computational Linguistics". It works as an introductory reference for complete programming novices as well as a repository of class notes.

Annotated MyBringback Videos

Python 3
Mybringback does an admirable job of creating simple, concise yet easy-to-understand video tutorials that supply new programmers with just enough knowledge to get started. There is one problem, however, which is that it is based on Python 2.7 and not 3.X. This is addressed by providing a "Python 3 Changes" notice box (shown <--) alongside each video. Please pay close attention.

Topic Notes and More

Certain topical areas need a closer look. Topic notes are provided here which present a more in-depth look at each of the topics and the essential commands one needs to know (for LING 1330/2330 anyway). For additional learning resources, check out Allen B. Downey's Think Python: How to Think like a Computer Scientist, and try the code samples in Anne Dawson's Python example program page.

NEW! Search Functionality

Wondering how split() works? You can now perform a quick search on tutorial pages through the Google Custom Search box linked on top. (Special thanks to Daniel Zheng.)

Python vs. Antigravity

*The syntax is print("Hello, world!") in Python 3.


Kudos to Ed and mybringback.com for producing such a wonderful video tutorial series. Additional thanks to Elliot Halpern, Christopher Kovalcik, and Daniel Zheng.