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INFSCI 2955: Adaptive Web Systems (Special Topics)

(Spring 2009, CRN 31234)

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Course Materials and Schedule

January 6 Introduction to the Adaptive Web (Brusilovsky) [slides]
January 13 Session 1
Adaptive search (Brusilovsky) [slides, readings]
Adaptive techniques in Web-based education (Brusilovsky) [slides]
January 20 Session 2
Adaptive navigation support (Brusilovsky) [slides, summary]
User Models for adaptive hypermedia and adaptive educational systems (Brusilovsky) [slides, summary]
January 27 Session 3
Collaborative filtering (Lee) [slides, summary]
User profiles for personalized information access (Brusilovsky) [slides, summary]
February 3 Session 4
Adaptive presentation (Brusilovsky) [slides, summary]
Generic user modeling systems (Yudelson) [slides, summary]
February 10 No class meeting
February 17 Session 5
Adaptive collaboration support for the Web (Hsiao) [slides, summary]
Document modeling (Ahn) [slides, summary]
System Presentation I
February 24 Session 6
Social Search (Brusilovsky) [slides, summary]
Adaptive systems in health care (Parra) [slides, summary]
System Presentation II
March 3 Session 7
Case-base recommendation (Lee) [slides, summary]
Empirical evaluation of personalized web systems (Yudelson) [slides, summary]
March 10 Spring Break
March 17 Session 8
Content-based filtering and recommendation (Ahn) [slides, summary]
Adaptive Virtual Museums (Lin) [slides, summary]
System Presentation III
March 24 Session 9
Hybrid Web recommender systems (Wang) [slides, summary]
Group Recommendation (Lee) [slides, summary]
System Presentation IV
March 31 Session 10
Social Navigation (Brusilovsky) [slides, summary]
Privacy-Enhanced Web Personalization (Yudelson) [slides, summary]
April 7 Session 11
Semantic Web Technologies for Personalized Information Access on the Web (Sosnovsky) [slides, summary]
Adaptive news access (Ahn) [slides, summary]
April 14 Session 12
Adaptive Mobile Guides (Kasemsuppakorn) [slides, summary, readings]
Open Corpus Adaptive Hypermedia (Brusilovsky) [slides, summary]
April 21 Project presentations

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